Organizing Digital Content and Other Things I Learned from Pismo’s Digital Content Workshop

Organizing Digital Content and Other Things I Learned from Pismo’s Free Digital Content Workshop


When in Manila on a weekend, doing something out of the usual is good, like attending a workshop on organizing digital content.

Say what?

Instead of procastinating at home, which is what I love to do on weekends, I got to attend a workshop on organizing digital content by Pismo Digital Lifestyle at its first home at the Level 6 of Shangri-La mall’s new East Wing.

Pismo Organizing Digital Content workshop

As a freelance writer/blogger, I realised that this is something I needed to attend. The trove of information I could acquire from this workshop would definitely come very handy. In fact, I think everybody can benefit from this workshop since most people have jobs that entail keeping files nowadays.

Please give me tissues–lots of them

Let me get this straight: I’m not a techie guy. Yes, I can walk myself through any device; but when you start to throw terms, specs, and brand names of different gadgets at me, my nose bleeds.

So before I headed on to Pismo, I got some tissue ready. I certainly didn’t want to embarrass myself in case blood started to trickle down my face.

Organizing digital content - Pismo Digital Lifestyle Store interior

The store’s interior is very nice and the number of gadgets is something to gawk at.

Organizing digital content - PIsmo store interior

organizing digital content - cool round display table

This round display table will grab your attention. It’ll lure you to check out the iPhones and iPads on display.


It helped that the guy doing the workshop is a cool and friendly speaker. Gunther Deichmann, a professional photographer and AATC consultant, is definitely someone you’d want to be stuck with in a digital store because he knows his stuff.

While the workshop was all about organizing digital content, he was also generous enough to share his knowledge on different things like how to secure back up copies of all your files, how to synchronize your Apple gadgets, and even how to make your Mac desktop color-coded. 

organizing digital content - gunther speaking about importance of backup storage

But I must admit, being in a digital store full of really cool gadgets and hearing this guy talk about how to efficiently use a Macbook laptop was depressing in a way because it brought back horrible and head-banging-on-the-wall memories of having my Macbook Pro stolen just a few months ago.

With or without a Macbook laptop, though, what I heard in that workshop was gold. It helped that we were a small group of 6.

Let me share with you the stuff that we learned about organizing digital content, which I’m sure you’ll find extremely useful, too.

Buy a hard drive – not doing so would be a mortal sin.

Hyperbole aside, getting a hard drive is as important as buying a laptop or a PC desktop because you can’t rely on your device alone to keep your files safe anymore. So many things can compromise your files – virus and malware infection, computer crashes, accidental spilling, or theft (I know!) – and make your life miserable.

If you only store work files in your laptop or computer, each day that goes by without a hard drive puts you at risk of potentially losing your job. What if your laptop goes berserk and deletes all of your files? What excuse will you give your boss? What would you say to a client who waited months for the presentation you were working on?

Organizing digital content is crucial and a hard drive can save us from all kinds of problems.