Oreo Bento Workshop: A Creative and Sweet Way to Make Bento

Oreo Bento Workshop: A Creative and Sweet Way to Make Bento


When in Manila had an afternoon of fun and snackin’ with Manila’s favorite snack, Oreo cookies, at a recent Oreo Bento Workshop!




Oreo recently invited me to their Oreo Bento Workshop with The Bento Mamas. I was looking forward to spending some time with my co-mom bloggers just to hangout, chat and learn something new!





The place was packed with excited and happy moms and some of their kids. Everyone was chatting and enjoying the food and, yes, the overflowing cookies! The day was dedicated to our favorite snack: Oreo! Moms and some of the kids were there to experience and learn how to make those popular bento boxes!


Oreo Bento Workshop

Bento Mommas


The Bento Mommas, a group of moms dedicated to making fun and artsy lunch/snack packs for kids, were present that day and they eagerly shared all of their knowledge, tools, tips and tricks with all of us.


Oreo Bento Workshop 

Bento Tools!

Oreo Bento Workshop

Bento ingredients!


Before the Oreo Bento Workshop started, we heard a few words from Oreo’s Brand Manager, Princess Pacanuayan. She shared some fun facts about the famous cookie with us and told us about the different flavors that were only released in some countries. Here in the Philippines, we have the Original creme flavour, plus some limited edition flavors like Strawberry and Action Fruit creme.


Oreo Bento Workshop 

Princess Pacanuayan, Oreo Brand Manager


After her short introduction, it was time to get down to business.

Oreo Bento Workshop 

Oreos + Bento Mommas!

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