Orange & Lemons Are Back Together!

Ten years after disbanding, Pinoy pop-rock band Orange & Lemons is making a comeback!

orange and lemons

The band, known for their Beatles-esque outfits and 60’s pop-rock sound, made the announcement through their official website this month.

According to their statement:

“We badly miss the music so we decided to add a new chapter in the band’s short history. We have officially reformed Orange & Lemons as a trio to continue where we left off. This is not some fancy reunion, but a decision to protect the legacy of the band and the songs that many of you know and have grown to love.

New music is on the horizon and we promise to stay true to the sound we are known for with a clear-cut independent direction. We feel good at the prospect of playing our modest catalog for you in the coming months. Until then.”

Returning as a trio are Clem Castro, Ace del Mundo, and JM del Mundo. McCoy Fundales, who served as lead vocals before the band’s breakup in 2007, will not be returning.

Are you excited for Orange & Lemons’ reunion? Let us know your thoughts!