OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds: Comfortable Companions for Everyday Use

I recently discovered the OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds. But before we get into that, you need to understand why I’m writing this.

As a music aficionado, taong gala, workoutaholic, and professional transcriptionist; I need to use earbuds every single day. I’ve been through so many through the years, though. Some of them fall off of my ears so easily, while others are far too sensitive to the touch. And then there are those that give my ears blisters.

It’s been a tiring journey of finding the perfect earbuds, let me just say. So when I received the OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds, I really wasn’t expecting much. Still, I ended up falling in love with them. In fact, they’ve become my go-to wireless earbuds for practically everything. Here’s why.

5 Reasons Why I Love the OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds

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Photo from OPPO


There are various features that put the OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds high up on my list of must-have earbuds. For starters, they only weigh 3.7g so you can hardly even tell you’re wearing them. I swear. It’s like they’re not even there.

Then they have a dual device connection feature, which is essential for someone like me who uses earbuds for practically everything. With this feature, you can connect to two gadgets at the same time so you don’t have to always switch between them. You can be listening to a song on your phone, for example, and then connect to a meeting on your laptop if needed. This is done automatically and seamlessly to make your life easier. You can also use it to take photos or videos. Just double-tap on the earbuds.

That aside, its translucent jelly case with a magnetic closure ensures that you always rest easy knowing that both earbuds are safely in there without having to open them to check. It opens at a 110-degree angle and even comes with improved flexibility, making it easy to remove and replace the earbuds, even if you just have one hand free to do so.


If you’re like me, who takes aesthetics into consideration (because why buy anything that isn’t pretty, amirite?), then you’ll love this pair. As an ARMY (who therefore loves everything purple), I instantly fell in love with how the OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds look in Misty Purple. The transparent dew drop stems look really pretty too. Aside from the Misty Purple color, it is also available in Glaze White.

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Photo from OPPO

Long Battery Life

While of course not enough to last an entire day without charging, the OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds have a battery life of up to six hours on their own. I kind of like that it doesn’t last all day long non-stop, though, because it reminds me to take a break, Lol. With the charging case, though, it can definitely last more than a day, which makes it the perfect travel companion for long-haul flights. Plus, it’s super quick to charge. After just 10 minutes of charging, you can already enjoy two hours of music – tried and tested!


I’m not proud of this, but I have already dropped my OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds. My dog knocked them off of the couch. And yes, they jumped out of their case… but they didn’t jump too far away that it made them difficult to find. The pretty purple color helps in that department too. Most importantly, they still work perfectly. They’re also IP54 dust- and water-resistant, by the way.


Another important part that I simply need to mention (because I have earbuds that cost more than three times the price of the OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds): these babies only cost Php3,999 via all OPPO Brand stores and partner dealers nationwide as well as official online stores on Lazada, Shopee, and Tiktok Shop, so super sulit talaga siya.

If you’re looking for earbuds that you can use every day, check out the OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds.

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