#OnlyInThePhilippines: 10 Things that Make Pinas Fun or Funny


5. Extreme fireworks display on New Year’s Eve

We know how to light up the sky with style on New Year’s Eve. 

The massive explosion of colors and noise is the way the Philippines say goodbye to the year that has passed and hello to the coming year.

Yes, borrowing the words of Katy Perry, we know how to “Make ’em go, ‘Aah, aah, aah,’ as you shoot across the sky-y-y…”

4. This is how we take a bath

Things only in the Philippines (6)(Photo credit: bentambling.tumblr.com)

The classic timba (pail) and tabo (dipper) way.

We know very little about the shower or the bath tub, but it’s okay. These two will do.

3. Allegedly, the best prison cell in the world

Things only in the Philippines (7)

According to news reports, where they show that they have raided the prison, it appeared that we have the best cells in the world.

Some of the prison cells are fully-furnished. They boast with nice furniture, air-conditioning systems, and even entertainment systems.

Others even have their own in-house music studios where they can record music or shoot music videos.

Say, what?!

2. The biggest parking lots

Manila Traffic

The statement “traffic sa EDSA” has become a common reason why we get late to school/work, meet friends, etc. However, traffic is not only limited along EDSA. Sometimes, even inner roads, which aren’t highways, have traffic jams especially during rush hour. And don’t get me started on Christmas season. That’s when it’s the worst.

The roads of the city transform to giant parking lots during rush hour. Therefore, even if you have alternate routes in mind, sometimes you can still get stuck in the sea of vehicles.

1. The beaches

Air Asia Boracay Tropics When in Manila Mae Ilagan_-54

We have some of the best beaches in the world that make it more fun to be here.

Even though some may not agree because it might not be their cup of tea, there is definitely a big reason to visit the beaches that many travelers rave about. After all, one of our beaches (Boracay) is named as one of the ten best beaches in the world for 2015.

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