#OnlyInThePhilippines: 10 Things that Make Pinas Fun or Funny

It’s more fun in the Philippines, right?

Here, you’ll find photos and/or videos that show stuff you can find only in the Philippines. Most of these make it more fun to be in the country while some make it funny (because Pinoys are known to find humor even on the worst of situations).

Here you go. See for yourself. Indulge.

10. Wild carpools (includes jeepneypools/motorpools/tricyclepools)

Things only in the Philippines (1)(Photo credit: @kevveneracion)

Things only in the Philippines (4)(Photo credit: @iamoftheworld)

Things only in the Philippines (2)(Photo credit: @napreyalmario)

Things only in the Philippines (3)(Photo credit: @cyberchasey)

Only in the Philippines where it seems like there is no limit on how many people you can carpool with.

The more, the merrier, I guess.

Can you count how many passengers are there on the pick-up? How about on the motorcycle? How about on the tricycle?

9. Cheap but awesome street food

Manila-Street-Food-StreetFood-Philippines-esaw-chicken-intestines-WhenInManila-3_thumb.jpg Manila-Street-Food-StreetFood-Philippines-esaw-chicken-intestines-WhenInManila-1-1_thumb.jpg Dirty-Dozen-twelve-best-must-try-street-foods-streetfood-manila-philippines-wheninmanila-20.jpg 12-must-try-street-foods-manila-philippines-streetfood-streetfoods-food-wheninmanila-balut-2.jpg 

Aside from cars, the streets of the Philippines, specifically Manila, are lined with awesome food finds. These are light on the wallet but are packed with flavors.

Savory, sweet, filling.

Isaw (chicken instestines), fish balls, one-day old chicks, balut (fertilized duck egg), and more are the food treasures that you can easily find in the streets of Manila.

8. Pinoy games

Things only in the Philippines (8)(Photo credit: @doubtproof)

Luksong tinik, tumbang preso, and patintero ring a bell?

7. Colorful festivals

panagbenga-festival-2014 (15) Sinulog sa Kabankalan Kicks Off 2015 Fiesta Season https://www.wheninmanila.com/edm-electronic-dance-music-thriving-culture-in-manila/ Nueva Viscaya's Ammungan Festival panagbenga-festival-2014 (13)

From Luzon to Mindanao, there are tons of festivals that you can witness and partake in.

These celebrations are packed with festivities with street dancing, parades, and what-nots that show off bright colors along with rhythmic movements.

Of course, festivals are also about food.

6. Ice water

Ice Water

Only in the Philippines is where you can buy refreshments in clear plastic bags. Ice water is one of the most popular after-basketball in the kanto drink that we can buy with just a couple of pesos.

If we’re being extravagant, softdrinks in plastic bag is the next best thing. 

Things only in the Philippines (5)

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