ONLY IN THE PH: Thoughtful Thief Returns Victim’s ID & Passport

When In Manila, there has been news of  prevalent crimes and different modus operandi in the metro. Thieves have become more and more cunning with their tactics hence, we citizens have learned that it is best to be vigilant and alert. What we did not anticipate was this:thoughtful thief

Yes, ladies and gents, you read right. This man had his bag snatched from him only to be approached by the same thief to return his passport and ID. The whole text reads:

It’s really different in Makati.. After being scared and having your bag snatched along Buendia, the thief will run after you to return your passport and ID. Like wow! Thank you! I was even a little embarrassed to accept it – very thoughtful, felt like I didn’t deserve that much generosity. Now I believe in the people who manage Makati. This is the only place where criminal kids are trained right. #modelcriminal @OnlyInMakati

What do you think about this thoughtful thief?