5 Online Stores that Offer Chinese Food Delivery

Are you craving for Chinese food? We’ve discovered 5 online stores that can deliver delicious Chinese food to your doorstep, so you can enjoy your Chinese favorites right from the comfort of your own home.

5 Online Stores that Offer Chinese Food Delivery

Quisina PH (@quisina.ph)


Quisina Chinese Food Sweet and Sour Pork

Photo from Quisina PH

Quisina is short for “quick in the kusina” and true to their name, they make homemade frozen food for homes with different lifestyles. “We wanted to offer a range of food for our customers who value quality and service,” they explain. All of their products are made fresh daily and made with no MSG, no preservatives, and no extenders.

Quisina PH understands that a home has different needs at different times or even for different members of the family. That’s why they provide quick and easy (ready to cook) for those days where things are quite busy, and heat & eat (ready to eat) for those crazy hectic days when you really don’t have time to think about the meal until you’re hungry. And yes, they’ve got some Chinese food on the menu!

The Humble Chef PH (@thehumblechefph)


Humble Chef Chinese Food

Photo from The Humble Chef PH

Betrina Lee of The Humble Chef PH serves home cooked food by her grandma and herself. With more than 50 years of experience under her belt, Betrina’s grandma has always been cooking Chinese and Taiwanese food for their family. Now, they have thankfully decided to share their passion and offer their specialty dishes to everyone; so we can enjoy their quality authentic food, too.

The Humble Chef PH’s bestsellers are Ama’s Cha Misua, Kiampung (Chinese sticky rice), Fresh Lumpia, and Hongma with Cuapao (Chinese braised pork belly). All of The Humble Chef PH’s dishes are their original recipes, which Betrina’s grandma has been cooking for special occasions with the family. Betrina shares: “Our goal is for people to feel nostalgic and remember happy memories when they eat our food.”

New Manila Bites (@newmanilabites)


New Manila Bites Chinese Food

Photo from New Manila Bites

New Manila Bites started with homemade siomai, a dish that the owners would always enjoy at family gatherings. Before each family would depart, they’d send them off with take home packs of siomai. “The recipe dates back years ago from our mom and our mom’s mom – with constant improvements from suggestions we’d receive from families, friends, and now even strangers turned happy customers,” they share.

While they never had the luxury of time to turn their siomai packs into an actual business before, they found more time during the lockdown to make their homemade siomai and deliver it to people while ensuring their comfort and safety. Their dimsum is made of 100% premium meat – no extenders and definitely no preservatives! – nothing but high quality ingredients in every bite. If you want to try authentic Asian food, then you should definitely try New Manila Bites.

Mayaskitcherrific (@mayaskitcherrific)


Photo from Mayaskitcherrific

Michelle Lim and her sister grew up in a Chinese household with a Chinese dad and Filipina mom. Their parents’ love story wasn’t smooth sailing with Chinese traditions in place and all. Still, they fought for their love… how? Through their stomachs! Their mom did what she does best: she cooked. She started reading Chinese cookbooks, made her own recipes, and even learned how to speak Fookien. The rest is history.

Michelle’s mom eventually became so good at cooking Chinese food that their relatives suggested opening a restaurant. Michelle shares: “One day, my sister and I sat down and decided we wanted to do something for our mom that would allow us to take her with us forever – something that will symbolize her bravery and all of the sacrifices she has made for us.” That’s when Mayaskitcherrific was born. Here, they share their mom’s recipes, tips, and secrets – it’s all about her.

Their good food aside, Michelle also attended a class for food sanitation and they started investing in materials and equipment that would ensure that their food is top grade. Why should you try their food? Well, if they won the hearts of hard-to-please Chinese grandparents… you can just imagine how good it is.

Suzhou Dimsum PH (@suzhoudimsumph)


Suzhou Oriental Chinese Food

Photo from Suzhou Oriental

William Angsiy is a half-Chinese DLSU graduate who has been working in the automotive industry for over four years now. Since he was young, he really loved food; and as he grew up, he learned to love various cuisines and dishes from all over the world.

Suzhou Dimsum was started by William’s cousin in 2004, and it quickly became a venue for family gatherings and events, such as Chinese New Year and Mooncake Festival. When his cousin got married and moved to the US, she sold it to William’s aunt who then in turn eventually asked William to take over Suzhou to maximize its potential and reach.

Suzhou Dimsum’s food is based on Suzhou, a province located in Eastern China. “From there, we added other offerings to ensure it blends with the local Chinese palate,” William shares. “As one of my childhood favorites, and considering my knowledge and experience in Chinese cuisine; I believe Suzhou Dimsum offers some of the best must-try Chinese dishes in the country. Combining classic and special dishes, we offer a distinct and memorable experience like no other.” Try it out yourself!

What’s your favorite Chinese dish?

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