10 Online Stores That Sell Brownies You Will Keep Craving For

If there’s one sweet treat that practically everybody loves, it’s brownies. I remember when quarantine was just starting, most of my friends craved for brownies. Not cookies. Not ube cheese pandesal. Brownies. Obviously, with the hopes of answering their favorite question – “Which stores offers the best brownies?” – I decided to come up with a list of the best brownies I’ve discovered online thus far.

10 Online Stores That Sell Brownies You Will Keep Craving For

10. Straight from the Oven PH (@sfto.mnl)


Straight from the Oven Brownies

Photo from Straight from the Oven PH

SFTO is owned by three young and vibrant entrepreneurs who all went to high school together: Lai Yaba (a professional chef), Chynna Villanueva (an account manager), and LA Quisumbing (a freelance photographer). They started by baking and selling pretzels during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and eventually came up with the name Straight from the Oven PH to match their goal of delivering freshly baked goodies.

SFTO’s brownies are made from premium ingredients to make them ultra fudgy, moist, and chewy. The are all made from scratch, including their homemade mallow fluff. SFTO also offers cheesy and spicy Jamaican patties, s’mores, sweet and savory dips, and mini loaves in different flavors that are perfect for both kids and adults.

9. Dessert Room by Karla (@dessertroombykarla)


Dessert Room by Karla Vegan Brownies

Photo from Dessert Room by Karla

Karla is a full-time Account Manager for a telco company who currently works from home because of the pandemic. The designated cook with a weakness for desserts, Karla started baking during the lockdown and sent her treats as ayuda to her parents and friends. However, Dessert Room by Karla was ultimately born out of a devastating heartbreak due to an unexpected breakup amidst the isolation. Karla opens up: “My brother directed me to this passion project to channel all of my energy and attention to cope. I was able to build myself up through this – my self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love.”

Dessert Room By Karla’s Vegan Brownies are part of her Healthy Sweet Options, which were created to promote healthy living. They are made of plant-based and all-natural ingredients topped with walnuts. At only 128 calories per serving, these low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free brownies are extra fudgy, soft, and chewy. Make sure to watch out for her new vegan products, as well, such as her Cookie and Energy Bites.

8. The Good Butter Co. (@thegoodbutterco.ph)



The team behind The Good Butter Co. loves baking and sharing what they bake and cook. Their friends have always liked their products and would request for more, in turn encouraging them to start their brand. To put a balance between staying healthy and indulging in sweets, they have come up with a stellar menu that mixes healthy and non-healthy treats; some are even vegan-friendly!

Since they also have a fruit and vegetable business, they decided to incorporate this into their menu through their bestselling Avo Brownies. This way, you can get your fruits in your favorite treats at the same time – win-win!

7. Dough n Go (@dough_n_go_official)


Dough n Go Smores Brownies

Photo from Dough n Go

Bob’s wife, Mitch, is a serial baker with an innate talent for it. She has been baking on and off fore more than two decades now, even taking part in food markets, tiangges, and other food fairs around Metro Manila. During the ongoing pandemic, this is something they decided to leverage on after a bad experience ordering ube cheese pandesal online. They eventually expanded to banana bread, cinnamon rolls, and (of course) brownies.

Dough n Go’s brownies are everything people tend to look for in a brownie.

They are moist and have intense chocolate flavors that remain distinct, subtle, and strong all at the same time. Their brownies are extra special as they are backed by more than 20 years of experience. We especially love how they continuously innovate.

For the -ber months, for example, they plan on releasing Dark Chocolate Truffles and Almond Brownie Brittles. 

6. Teshbakes


Tesh Bakes Brownies

Photo from Teshbakes

Therese Reyes is a culinary arts graduate, who was more of a hot kitchen kind of cook before baking sweets for Christmas turned into something she truly enjoyed doing. “My brand is my way of showcasing the talent of the Filipinos in making chocolate,” she shares.

Teshbakes’ Double Chocolate Brownies are the most requested products of her peers and her sister’s friends. Being confident in her recipe and having tried and tested it for three years, she has perfected these brownies for all of the chocoholics out there. They will melt in your mouth and leave a sweet, slightly bitter, and creamy goodness in there. Of course, with her goal in mind, her brownies are made of pure award-winning Filipino-made chocolate that is sourced from and made in the Philippines.

5. Sugar Momae (@sugarmomae)


Sugar Momae Brownies

Photo from Sugar Momae

Because of all of the change, negativity, and uncertainty in the world right now; Mae Villanueva has been feeling anxious and stressed. While looking for an outlet in-between studying, she discovered that baking is therapeutic for her. Since everybody in her family has a sweet tooth and bonds over sweets, they encouraged Mae to sell her goodies – brownies included.

Sugar Momae’s Midnight Brownies consist of dark chocolate, black cocoa, and Dutch cocoa that really make them stand out. They are both delicious and addicting; and if you are a huge lover of sweets, you can even get Nutella fillings in them! <3

4. The Desserterie PH (@thedesserterieph)


The Desserterie PH Brownies

Photo from The Desserterie PH

Beatrice’s childhood was filled with memories of her grandmother visiting their home often to cook for them. They would always create dishes together and that truly sparked Beatrice’s interest and passion to experiment with food. What started as a childhood hobby flourished into a lifelong passion. “I am happy to be able to share the desserts that have been loved by my family and friends throughout the years,” she shares. “The desserts that I create do not have frills, but their extraordinary taste will make you want more.”

The Desserterie PH’s Chocolate Fudge Brownies are moist, fudgy, and chewy while their Brownie Stix are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The flavor of the premium chocolate they use balances out the sweetness, making sure you don’t get too sweetened out in any way. The moisture and taste are absolutely perfect! You have got to try them!

3. Quarantreats (@quarantreats.ph)


Quarantreats Brownies

Photo from Quarantreats

Quarantreats was an idea born by two sisters: Patricia Tablante and Pya Tablante. Two weeks into lockdown, they thought about making treats for our frontliners in barangay centers and hospitals. Overjoyed with the help that they were able to extend, they decided to formally pursue a business in order to sustain their expenses and help their parents out at the same time.

Quarantreats’ brownies are mainly dark-chocolate-based, but what makes them better is that they’re mixed with milk chocolate chunks! Apart from that, they also have cashews, almonds, and walnuts to top them off! Their brownies are completely customizable to satisfy your cravings, too.

2. Sweet Adventures (@thesweet.adventures)


Sweet Adventures Fudge Brownies

Photo from Sweet Adventures

Sweet Adventures’ Secret Fudge Brownies are definitely not your ordinary brownies. Although they may look like regular brownies from the outside; the minute you take a bite into these soft, moist, and fudgy treats, you might forget your name. :p This is their bestseller for a reason: people always come back for more once they’ve had a taste.

“Our Secret Fudge Brownies are made from ordinary ingredients that are easily found in the kitchen, but they are all made with love and care – and that’s what gives our ordinary brownies an extraordinary taste,” they reveal. The best part? They are super affordable, so they won’t hurt your wallets in any way.

BTRC Bakes


BTRC Bakes Brownies

Photo from BTRC Bakes

If there is one store that I constantly keep coming back to for brownies, it’s BTRC Bakes. I’ve ordered their healthy brownies multiple times – and not just because I’m trying to lessen my calorie intake, but also because they’re just so darned delicious. I’m not even vegan, yet here I am constantly craving for their fudgy and flavorful brownies. They’re so good, you might not even believe that they’re low in calories, low in fat, egg-free, and dairy-free.

Bea from BTRC Bakes shares that they decided to add brownies to their menu because there aren’t many brownies in the Philippines that cater to dietary restrictions. “Healthy doesn’t have to be boring,” she stresses. “Aside from being delicious, food should also nourish our body. With our brownies, you can get the taste and feel of regular brownies while keeping your sugar levels low, and your tummy happy!” Trust me: these brownies are worth it!

What’s your favorite brownie store? 🙂

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