5 Online Stores Where You Can Get Your Favorite Pinoy Dessert Fix

What’s your favorite Pinoy dessert? In a country full of delicious delicacies, there are so many to choose from. Check out our graphic here:



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We’ve found 5 online stores where you can get delicious Pinoy desserts delivered to your doorstep anytime you’re craving for some!

5 Online Stores Where You Can Get Your Favorite Pinoy Dessert Fix


Rachel’s Black Kutsinta (@rachelsblackutsinta)


Rachels Black Kutsinta

Photo from Rachel’s Black Kutsinta

Back in 2018, Raf Francisco saw some online posts about black kutsinta and suddenly felt the need to taste it. Living in Cebu, however, Raf had trouble finding places to buy it. That’s when he decided to do some research and learn how to make it himself. Once his relatives tasted it, they suggested he try selling it. What was once something to satisfy his cravings then became income for his family.

Rachel’s Black Kutsinta is so delicious, it’s no wonder why more and more people order some by the day. From doing 10 tubs a day back in 2018, they now make 100 tubs plus 30 bilao everyday! This black kutsinta has even made it abroad to families in UAE, Qatar, California, and Japan. Make sure to try it yourself. Don’t forget to dip it in the yema dip and add some crispy budbod for some extra flavor!

Brazo de Mercedes and Silvanas

BUNappetite (@bunappetite.ph)



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Our best-selling Brazo. Available via pre-order. Freshly baked everyday ❤️

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When the lockdown was declared earlier this year, Yen Orbita was fortunate to work from home despite her husband losing his job. Since they had bills to pay, Yen decided to pursue baking and turn it into a business. She started by selling ube pandesal before adding their family favorites, like banana bread and brazo de mercedes. “My products should have my family’s taste approval before I add it to our menu,” Yen shares. “If my family approves, then I know it will become another family’s favorite, too.” After joining online classes, she started to offer custom cakes, too. She also has a business partner now with whom she hopes to open a small bakeshop after the pandemic is over (i.e. hopefully soon!).

Aside from the massive size of their brazo, what makes BUNappetite’s products unique is that they’re all family products – from the taste to the production. Their brazo and silvanas aside, make sure to try their other products, too. We’re particularly obsessed with their choux au craquelin aka crispy cream puffs!


Adie’s Delight (@adies_delight)


Adies Delight Bibingka

Photo from Adie’s Delight

CJ is a housewife who loves to cook and bake. She started Adie’s Delight sometime in April after preparing some merienda for her kids. Since there were a few pieces left, CJ decided to sell them to their neighbors. When they started to ask when she would sell some more, CJ decided to keep making them along with her husband and kids.

Adie’s Delight’s bibingka is made of ground rice without any added rice powder or starch. It has three kinds of cheese – cheddar, queso de bola and cream cheese. And, unlike traditional bibingka, it remains soft and moist even when cold. It’s even more delicious when reheated as it stays soft and moist. You also have the option to freeze it if you want to keep it longer and it will still remain soft, but I doubt it will last very long. No matter how you decide to eat it, it is a treat you definitely need to experience for yourself! Each piece is HUGE, but I guarantee you’ll still wolf it down super quickly. It’s that good!

Puto, Biko, and Mango Graham de Leche

Amelia’s Kusina (@ameliaskusina)

Amelias Kusina Puto

Photo by Bryan Benida

Amelia’s Kusina serves Filipino treats that every Filipino will love. The name comes from Omell Bitayo’s mother Amelia, who cooks the food and provides the recipes for these delicious goodies. During this pandemic, they decided to start an online food business to earn an income to support their daily needs. They started with pancit canton, cheesy puto, biko, and mango graham de leche – which is THE MOST AMAZING FILIPINO DESSERT I HAVE TASTED THUS FAR. They’ve cleverly put leche flan on top of mango graham and it has resulted in a creamy, sweet, and ultra addicting dessert. I highly recommend it!

Amelia’s Kusina may have started by selling to their neighbors; but today, a lot of YouTubers, including Raiza Contawi, Mae Layug, Rei Germar, Toni Sia, Angel Dei, and Michelle Dy have shown their support by ordering from them. Their followers have all joined the delicious bandwagon, as well, and they are just as obsessed with their mango graham de leche as I am. They also have avocado and ube graham de leche available.

Maja Blanca and Ube Halaya

Maja Blanca by Kabayan Beach Resort (@majablancabykbr)


Maja Blanca by Kabayan Beach Resort

Photo by Maja Blanca by Kabayan Beach Resort

The maja blanca and ube halaya of Maja Blanca by Kabayan Beach Resort have been around since the 80s. The recipe has been handed down by Mayleen Salvador’s Kapampangan grandmother. Her mom is especially passionate about Filipino desserts; she believes they deserve to be recognized.

In 1996, they had an opportunity to start a business –  Kabayan Beach Resort, in Laiya, Batangas. Naturally, the maja blanca and ube halaya were offered there, as well. The maja and ube quickly became a favorite among guests for dessert and pasalubong. When their resort temporarily closed due to the pandemic, they decided to market their most popular desserts here in Manila. In other words, since people couldn’t go to Laiya, their maja and ube came to them.

Once you taste their products, you’ll know why they have a spot on this list. Their maja blanca is creamy, luscious, and perfectly sweet, while their ube halaya is made of 100% ube with no added extenders. Although both desserts may look simple and unpretentious, they are absolutely delightful. Plus, they’re the perfect desserts to bring the Filipino family together this holiday season.

What’s your favorite Filipino dessert and where do you buy it from?

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