Online Sellers, We Just Found the Platform to Make Selling So Much Easier

With quarantine restrictions in place, many turned to online selling to supplement or replace their income. We’ve seen new and existing entrepreneurs selling all sorts of things, from plants to furniture and even food like sushi bake and ube cheese pan de sal.

We’ve tried a lot of these trends and have fallen in love with many of them. Because we’ve featured so many online businesses, we got to know how hard it can be.

There are plenty of benefits to being an online seller. You get to work at your own pace, have time for hobbies and loved ones, and earn as much as your product is in demand. It can get hectic, too. Imagine having to market your business all the time online and to your friends, coordinating orders, dealing with payments, and shipping out your products. From the outside, it looks like an easy job.

LBC is launching a new platform to make online selling so much easier. It’s called LBC Online, which lets entrepreneurs easily manage the end-to-end process of online selling from processing to pickup, payments, and delivery. It’s operated by LBC, the largest logistics provider, so online sellers have a reliable and trusted partner in taking their business to the next level.

Here are just some of the features that entrepreneurs can take advantage of to make online selling so much easier:

  • Access the LBC Online dashboard to track and trace transactions, pre-process orders, and download reports
  • Choose to schedule a pickup so a rider can come to collect all orders
  • Pre-process orders at home then quickly drop them off at any LBC branch without having to line up
  • Enjoy the same rates with no additional fees for a faster transaction. Shipping costs can be confirmed with just one click
  • Track deliveries and get updates on payments on just one page
  • Offer cash on pick up (COP) and cash on delivery (COD) to customers
  • Flexible collection options so sellers can collect payments at their own convenience. They can choose between bank deposits or branch collect

To join, online sellers must simply sign up in the LBC Online website FOR FREE. Those who have signed up on LBC Online will automatically be part of SoShop!, an exclusive program for social sellers. It’s a special community where they can meet other sellers and exchange tips, as well as get access to updates and promos. Members can also join an exclusive marketplace for them to sell their products.

Sellers will also get a free slot in the first-ever online bazaar on November 28 to 29, 2020. The virtual event will have live selling, celebrity buyers, games and raffles, live entertainment, and learning sessions.

On top of their free slot, sellers can promote and sell their products on the SoShop! Facebook page and get a free digital advertising boost before and during the event. They will also be a featured seller in top online publications and radio platforms, be included in the product catalogue, and get promo offers like shipping discounts and raffle items for buyers.

We’re excited to try the next quarantine trend, and LBC Online will make it so much easier for sellers across the country!

Stay tuned on LBC’s website and social media pages for more updates.






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