Online Jobs for Freelancers – The Right Guy, The Right Job

Online Jobs for Freelancers – The Right Guy, The Right Job


When in Manila, talents and distinct abilities never go sparse in the green field. Once there are opportunities, there will always be people taking them. The whole workfield is well pumped up and everything just continues to move dynamically without any stop. Especially in this time where online jobs, part-time jobs and freelance jobs are sprouting up everywhere, there is no reason for the whole work circus to take a full stop. Online Jobs


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Consequently, the story just turned out to be more exciting as a trio of guys of a young investment company just recently launched a website for these temporary, casual, and part-time job opportunities.

To Lyle Jover, explorative in his entrepreneurial pursuits, and one of the guys who all put up the website, it was just a spark of idea from the thought of getting quick job opportunities while integrating the Filipino social aspect into it., a job search website, a platform for searching and posting part-time jobs and online jobs for freelancers and more, has just recently been launched this May. The essential goal was to put the “referral scheme” of Filipinos (that being the social dynamics of getting an extra hand in a form of referrals for a particular job from friends, colleagues, or even family members), in a more convenient space – and that is online. 

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Raket, a Filipino slang for a particular job that lets one earn extra pay, is the standpoint of the website. Today, online jobs and part-time jobs in Manila are generating from time to time. What this website does is make the system more manageable for both the one seeking for an extra hand and the one looking for an extra job. A guy needs say an IT specialist for just a short span of time; he can go to A full time English teacher wants to take on an editing job and wishes to offer her service to everyone; she can resort to

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Part-time jobs and freelance jobs never run out in the metro, and if it’s high time to get someone to do a job, can do it so smoothly especially in the day when just a click online is the most convenient thing to do. To, it is more about developing the hardworker in every Filipino for more opportunities to succeed. 

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Online Jobs for Freelancers – The Right Guy, The Right Job