One Way To Reach Your #Financial Goals

Article by: Gabriella Mercado/@gabiimercado / Graphics by: Mari Lorica

Swiping credit cards and burning dolla dolla bills is one thing; tracking them and spending money wisely is another. I have found myself being frustrated by bills and credit card debts. It’s very frustrating to be kuripot after spending so much on things you only want.

Having trouble with my money is one of the reasons why I joined the How to Gain Financial Freedom: A Financial Planning Workshop by Dreambook Projects.

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Facilitated by Des Banting, a graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and a citation as Cum Laude. She is also a licensed financial adviser. She enjoys teaching, which was evident in how she facilitated the workshop; she was informative and hands-on with the participant’s concerns regarding the subject.

The workshop was an excellent source of information that taught me the tips, tricks, and finance vocabulary I needed to know. The organizers also provided us with personal worksheets to guide us with unfamiliar terms.

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Feedback from the participants of the workshop:

“I work for a bank. I learned more on personal financing, more on managing your money. As a financial management graduate, I know these things, but what I got to learn today is how to apply them to my life. I also got to know if my mindset was right and what kind of a person I am when it came to handling my finance” – Trish M.

“I am not familiar with the financial vocabularies so na refresh rin ako dun sa mga terms. Then it’s fun because it’s interactive, like may mga games. And then very applicable siya sa everyday life. And also very warm yung mga organizers”  – Shyra C.

Dreambook Project aims to help everyone with their dreams and goals in life. If you’re interested to finally make your passion projects come true, visit Dreambook Project’s website or message them on Facebook. Go get your #goals!

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