“One Piece Film GOLD” Movie Review: The Straw Hat Crew is Back!

What could be more thrilling for the Straw Hat Crew than finding a haven of fame, wealth, and fortune? Well, Luffy once again proved that there are lots of things that money can’t buy.

One Piece Film: Gold is set in Grand Tesoro, an independent country where the most luxurious entertainment is found. It is owned by Gild Tesoro, whose greed and ego is swarming in his gold-obsessed ship. He decides what is funny, what is entertaining, how much you value, and every little thing inside the vessel. Luffy’s encounter with Gild Tesoro exposes Tesoro’s wicked agenda and the poverty of the people. He enslaved everyone while pushing his philosophy that money is the most important thing in the world. And that without it, you are powerless. This is what amused him in meeting Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Crew for though they are pirates and thieves, their loyalty and friendship is thicker than any gold.

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One Piece is a part of my childhood and I adore it because it’s full of life lessons, camaraderie, and thought-provoking characters. And with high hopes and expectations on the film, I was given the chance to watch One Piece Film: Gold during its advance screening last August 26th 2016.

As expected, the quality of animation is more polished compared to the anime series. It was good to see that the movie showcases a kinetic and dynamic camera work and well-versed cinematography. It is a two-hour length of combats and laughs, which is actually quite long for a movie. Eiichiro Oda, the manga illustrator of One Piece, is known for making lovable, detailed, and strong characters. Fans will affirm that what sets One Piece apart is it’s an anime where no one is left behind. Everyone has a story to tell and every character is given a well-deserved justice. But this is what is missing in the movie.

One Piece Film: Gold introduces new strong characters that are supported by transitory flashbacks. There are characters along the way that is not firmly rooted, but has a potential to deepen the story which is understandable because of the time constraint. It is a missed chance for the film though, but it gets back to its full-packed battles twists and turns.

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Oda is also known for inserting social issues in One Piece and, for this movie, it is clearly about societal injustices and greediness. In a world run by gold, is there really a way to win without cheating? In a group of people where desire is prevalent, is there space left for trust?

Overall, the movie is uncomplicated, somehow predictable, but entertaining enough. It is a nostalgic treat for the fans and a breath of fresh air for the first time viewers. I appreciate that the movie can stand on its own. It can be watched by a non-fan or a first-timer without having feelings of being ditched.

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One Piece Film: Gold is the 13th One Piece movie and it is exclusively screens at SM Cinema branches nationwide starting August 31 2016. Out of the 13 One Piece movies, I personally rank One Piece Film: Gold somewhere between Top 3 or Top 4 spot, leaving previous One Piece movies, “Strong World” Top 1 and “Z” in Top 2.

One Piece Film: Gold is not the best One Piece movie, but it is still worth the watch, so wear your straw hat, grab some popcorn, and join Luffy in his “Gomu-Gumo no” adventure.

Have you watched One Piece Film: Gold yet? What can you say about the movie?


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