“One Piece” Creator Eiichiro Oda Spills Updates on the Upcoming Live-Action Adaptation

The ONE PIECE fandom is celebrating the birthday of Monkey D. Luffy along with series creator Eiichiro Oda, also known as Oda-Sensei, who just dropped a personally-penned letter to fans assuring them that the production is “burning with passion.” Read the full statement below!

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Photo: Netflix

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ONE PIECE is the best-selling manga series of all time, and the Netflix series will be the franchise’s first live-action adaptation. An epic saga of adventure on the high seas, the original manga follows the adventures of Luffy, an enthusiastic young man with the singular aspiration of becoming “King of the Pirates.” A cultural phenomenon with millions of passionate fans around the globe, ONE PIECE is an expansive, ongoing story about a group of misfits with a dream of joining together to become Luffy’s loyal crew, The Straw Hats.

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Photo: Netflix

The Netflix series, executive produced by Oda-Sensei, starts at the very beginning of Luffy’s tale, introducing existing fans and brand new audiences to the live-action iterations of the manga’s beloved characters, antagonists, and destinations. Curious to come aboard? Read more about ONE PIECE on TUDUM.com and set a reminder on Netflix now!

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