One Matcha: A must-visit Matcha haven in Manila

By: Ching Balina

Filipinos love to eat; this much is true. If there’s anything that comes close to this Pinoy pastime, though, it’s making the food. Restauranteers in the Philippines are constantly coming up with ways to integrate worldwide food trends for the Filipino tastebuds. They boast of egg waffles, salted egg flavors, cheese tarts, and so much more.

A trend that will always be near and dear to foodies, though, is the bitter, green flavor that hails from Japan: matcha. Although matcha started out as an ingredient for hot tea, it has now been incorporated into various desserts and pastries that tickle the tastebuds. The Philippines has not been left behind. One Matcha in Maginhawa is a haven for those who want to spend a quick break sipping and munching on the much-loved ingredient.

One Matcha 1

The Tea

One Match 2

Strawberry Matcha (M – Php125/L – Php145)

One Matcha specializes in matcha-infused drinks. Among their bestsellers is the Strawberry Matcha, a drink that flawlessly balances out the bitterness of the matcha and the sweetness of the strawberry. Once you taste it, you might find yourself reminiscing about Baguio jam (in a good way).

Other bestselling flavors are the Caramel Matcha and the Chocolate Matcha:One Matcha 3

Caramel Matcha (M – Php110 / L – Php130)

The Caramel Matcha has that smooth and creamy coffee taste that we normally do not find in matcha drinks. Caramel sauce is decorated on the sides for some traces of sweetness.

One Matcha 5

Chocolate Matcha (M – Php135/L – Php155)

The Chocolate Matcha is more like a milkshake with its thickness. The bitterness from the matcha is distinct here. The drizzle of chocolate sauce and chips are a sweet surprise with every sip.

One Matcha 4

French Vanilla Matcha (M – Php105 / L – Php125)

Snow meets grass with the French Vanilla Matcha. This option will take you on a journey. It starts with the bitterness of the matcha and ends with a sweet vanilla drink. It might not make sense now; but trust me: you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Pastries

One Matcha also offers pastries to pair with your drinks:

One Matcha 7

Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cookie (Php45)

The Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cookie is chewy and has more of the sweetness of a normal cookie than the bitterness of the matcha.

One Matcha 6

Matcha Crinkles (Php40)

The Matcha Crinkles are thick, fudgy, and rolled in sugar, like the classic crinkles we’ve come to know and love. The bitterness is distinct, but not overpowering; the taste remains addicting and worth coming back to.

This small cafe tucked away in Quezon City proves that it is worth the visit. Matcha lovers will love the variations on the popular ingredient while foodies looking for something new will find this a nice surprise.

One Matcha

The Station Food Hub, 178 Maginhawa St, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City


Instagram: @OneMatcha


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