ONE FC: Warrior’s Way – A Taste of Chaos!

 The co-main event of the evening, Ukrainian Igor Subora versus the home coming fighter, Brandon Vera. The crowd was almost silent when Subora entered the arena but when the lights go dim once again, Diddy’s song “Coming Home” played on the background. The crowd roared in anticipation and the roof of MOA arena rattled with excitement when “The Truth” entered the arena. It was the perfect song for Vera who had his OneFC debut that night and experienced his first time fighting in front of the Filipino crowd.

Vera hit Subora with a left straight that sent the Ukrainian to the canvas. The former followed it up with successive soccer kicks to the skull forcing the referee to halt the fight. After his victory, he greeted the crowd with “Kumusta lahat?” then he added “Before I start this interview, this December, Maligayang Pasko!” making the crowd cheer once more.


1FC 23 00025Vera versus Subora

1FC 23 00026Vera versus Subora

1FC 23 00027Vera versus Subora

1FC 23 00028Vera versus Subora

1FC 23 00029Victory for Vera


Before the main event, the pre-fight video interviews of the two fighters were presented to the audience. I liked Bibiano’s video and was moved by it. It was a different kind of video interview presented before a fight. While most videos shown tell how a fighter would avenge on his loss or how he would crush his opponent, he told the interviewer his life story and how his upbringing led him to become what he is today and why he’s so generous to poor people.

He said that life was very difficult when he was growing up. He lost his mother at an early age and his father after his wife’s death. This left them living in the jungle. With his siblings, they hunted and scavenged for food. He also contracted malaria, making hi think he was going to die; but he managed to survive. After a couple of years, he moved to the city. There, he knocked on different houses, asking if they wanted their houses or their cars cleaned in exchange for food (not for money).

During this time, he learned about jiujitsu, but could not afford the training. It was the old lady whose house he regularly cleaned who volunteered to pay for the lessons, so he could get into it. After the money ran out, he told his coach he could not continue anymore because he could no longer pay for his lessons. However, his coach sees his potential and agreed to train him for free in exchange for cleaning up the gym every night. He said that the adversities he faced made him strong and since he saw kindness in people, he now helps others in return.


1FC 23 00006

Korean Round Girl Ji Eun Han


Going back to the main event, Brazilian Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes defended his Bantamweight title to the previously undefeated Korean Dae Hwan “Ottogi” Kim. It was not a good start for both of them as Kim was presented with a yellow card by the referee after hitting Fernandes with an illegal elbow at the back of the head.

Kim was really persistent in defeating the champion and also a lively challenger when he tried hitting Fernandes with several lightning fast kicks. But the Brazilian champion wouldn’t just give up on his title and tried a different strategy. As the opportunity struck, Fernandes locked on his hooks, submitting Kim to a rear naked choke and making the Korean tap out.


1FC 23 00030Fernandes versus Kim

1FC 23 00031Fernandez submitting Kim in a Rear Naked Choke

1FC 23 00032

One FC 23 comes to an end as Fernandes retained his Bantamweight title over challenger Dae Hwan Kim of Korea



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ONE FC: Warrior’s Way – A Taste of Chaos!