ONE FC: Warrior’s Way – A Taste of Chaos!

Next up was Bantamweight Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon against Japanese Koetsu Okazaki. Belingon’s striking prowess worked well in this bout. Making the judges all score in favor of him.


1FC 23 00013Belingon versus Okazaki

vvSpinning Back Kick from Belingon

Roger Gracie of The Gracie family of MMA royalty also made his ONE FC debut as he defeated James “The SledgeHammer” McSweeney via TKO.

1FC 23 00017Gracie versus McSweeney

1FC 23 00018Gracie versus McSweeney 


Belingon’s stable mate in Team Lakay, Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang was not lucky as he suffered a brutal loss against Russian Timofey Nastyukhin. “The Landslide” was hit by a devastating flying knee on the chin sending the Pinoy fighter to the canvass followed up by several soccer kicks to the head having the referee stopping the fight in the first round.


1FC 23 00020

Nastyukhin versus Folayang

1FC 23 00021

Nastyukhin versus Folayang

1FC 23 00022The Flying Knee Strike that sends Folayang to oblivion

1FC 23 00023Several soccer kicks to the head of Folayang forced the referee to stop the fight