One Crazy Afternoon of Steaks, Burgers, and S’mores at Grind Bistro BGC

Grind Bistro is a concept started by husband and wife, Steven and Cristina Carl. One is a veteran in the hospitality industry while the other was from the banking industry who switched to the culinary world. The couple obviously love amazing food and apparently they tend to experiment their way in the kitchen.

They have some of the craziest ideas, making almost everything in the bistro in-house, from the burger buns to the ice cream. They even make their own bacon! It’s good that they have found an amazing team that continuously seeks to learn to find new ways to create only the best comfort food in this side of the city.

They opened their first restaurant in 4th and 5th Avenue Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City about a month and a half ago. Immediately following the opening of their bistro is a compact version called Grind Burger in SM North. They will be opening another branch in SM Aura soon.

Though aggressive, the exciting food scene in the Philippines is worth entering.

The idea was simple. Burgers. Hence, the name Grind.

However, as family and friends join the mix in the brainstorming, the menu got bigger, turning the burger joint into an American bistro. Steaks got added on top of the burgers. And then, a wine bar also got included. There’s also pasta in there. And don’t get me started with their desserts.

They have fresh ingredients, homemade burger patties, hand-cut potato chips, bad-ass S’mores, and unassuming interiors. Having a nice wine selection also helped out. I think it’s nice that they decided on having a bistro rather than just a burger joint. And after tasting their food, I’d say they are doing something right. Food is good.

Yet, if you search Grind Bistro on Google, you’d find almost nothing written about them.

They are pretty unconventional. I found it funny when the owners told me that when they first opened up, they simply opened the lock on the store and told all the staff that they are in business. No soft opening event. No announcements or flyers. Just good old open the door, serve good food, and let the customers decide.

We were lucky to be invited to try out their dishes. I was a little iffy at the start because it was a restaurant I know nothing about. I did not want to be disappointed, and they did not.

Here’s what we had.

Popcorn Shrimp (PhP 350)

Grind Bistro (5)

This is shrimp coated with tempura batter and deep fried to perfection. It is served drizzled with copious amount of unagi sauce and wasabi aioli.

Poke Nachos (PhP 495)

Grind Bistro (6)

This is a unique starters for me as I haven’t had anything like it before. It has ahi tuna marinated in soy, chili and sesame at the bottom of the plate. Layered on top of it is local chevre (goat’s cheese), orange and wasabi tobiko, and pico de gallo. Covering everything are taro and sweet potato chips.

Laguna Farmer’s Salad (PhP 350)

Grind Bistro (8)

This changes every now and then depending on what is available. Ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal. The salad I tried had super tiny baby cucumber the size smaller than a grape.

Linguini Pesto (PhP 395)

Grind Bistro (7)

Pasta. Pesto. Haricot verts and potatoes. They don’t make the pasta in-house… yet.

Nutty Black Chicken (PhP 550)

Grind Bistro (9)

This is a crazy dish. It looks like burnt chicken but it doesn’t taste like burnt at all. This blackened chicken was turned black and no longer wants to go back using <insert drum roll> squid ink. You can still order it even when on a date because I’ve tried it and it didn’t turn my mouth/teeth black.

Ricotta Gnocchi (PhP 450)

Grind Bistro (4)

They make this in-house, tossed with warm beet pesto.

Grind Burger (PhP 395)

Grind Bistro (3) Grind Bistro (2)

One of the stars of the show is the Grind Burger. The namesake wasn’t given to this burger for nothing. The patty is super juicy, made from 100% USDA beef. The brioche, which they make, is soft on the inside but toasted a bit on the outside, giving it a slight crunch. The patty is topped with vine ripe tomato, iceberg lettuce, sweet onion, American cheese, and Tiny’s secret sauce.

The pickles are also made in-house. They are not too sour and just the right amount of crunchy.

USDA Rib Eye (PhP 2300)

Grind Bistro (1)

Well, this dish doesn’t need any introduction. If you get one, choose to have it medium or medium-rare. The rib eye that we had was proof that Grind Bistro really knows its stuff.

We ended lunch on a sweet note. Here’s what we tried. We even watched them make the desserts for us.

Calamansi Pie (PhP 320)

Grind Bistro (13) Grind Bistro (12)

It is served with a scoop of yogurt and vanilla bean whipped cream.

S’mores and Hot Cocoa (PhP 380)

Grind Bistro (10) Grind Bistro (11)

They make their own marshmallow that has ice cream inside. The toasted marshmallow is served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate feuilletine in a hot chocolate cauldron.

Grind Bistro

4th and 5th Avenue Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City

Instagram: @grindbistro

Have you visited Grind Bistro? What have your tried?