One Big “Salamat” to All Frontliners and One Bigger Call to Help the Striving and Unheard Filipinos: A Shirt Fundraising Initiative by Project Kabuhayan

In these trying times, it is important to show our gratitude to our country’s frontliners, who risk their lives every day to keep the economy going, to assist in mediating the hardships of this pandemic, and to make sure that there is still hope to look up to at a time when there are also numerous social issues rising on top of the pandemic. 

While saluting our health care workers, civil service employees, utility and sanitary workers, grocery personnel, guards, manufacturing workers, restaurant staff, farmers, fisherfolk, and journalists is noble in and of itself, there are still marginalized communities and individuals whose voices are yet to be heard, whose jobs and small businesses have been lost and have been closed down, who strive daily to make ends meet despite not receiving the financial help needed. These are the tricycle and jeepney drivers, the sari-sari store owners whose stores have been closed, the daily wage earners who strive to make a little bit of money by any means possible and many others who try to make ends meet for their day to day needs despite the loss of their livelihood. These are our fellow Filipinos who have been most affected by this unforgiving pandemic.

It is because of this that Project Kabuhayan, a Filipino organization made up of Ateneans with a strong desire to help Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises, decided to start a shirt fundraising initiative called Hanan: Tungo Sa Bagong Simula that has two main goals: first is to show gratitude to all frontliners, and second is to donate all of the fundraising’s profit to our striving Filipinos who have been greatly affected by the pandemic. During the project’s early days, the team decided to name the initiative Hanan, as it is a name of the Goddess of Dawn in Tagalog Mythology, whose role is to bring dawn after the darkness of the night. This humble project aims to be Hanan — to be a bringer of hope to our fellow striving, and unheard Filipinos amidst the current darkness many of them are trying to face. 

Project Kabuhayan sees this project to not only be a call to thank the country’s frontliners, but a call to action to help our fellow Filipinos who are in need of it the most. For just PHP 250, you will not only have an aesthetic shirt designed by Alissa Co, but you will also be part of Hanan in its goal of thanking our frontliners and helping our fellow striving Filipinos. If you are interested in helping and being part of this initiative, or if you would like to know more about our target beneficiaries, you may do so by visiting our Facebook page at

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