On Fire! Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018

Education is one of the most important things we can impart to our children.  As parents, we only want to give them the best and what we know is right for them, but how do we know that we are indeed giving them what is best? How do we as parents even define “good education”?

For me, we have to explore our options and open our minds to other ways of teaching and educating our children. Enrolling them in the best schools doesn’t automatically equate to giving them the best education. Children learn differently and they all have different interests which we should discover and support.

Can a regular school support and develop these interests? Do kids really learn when we place them inside a classroom for 3-7 hours per day? These are just some of the questions I personally asked myself when my eldest kid started schooling. He’s been in a traditional school for almost five years now and it made me wonder whether I should also make the same decision for my youngest.

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On Fire! 2018

I thought homeschooling was a new thing here in the Philippines; but apparently, more and more families are now taking this path as opposed to the traditional brick-and-mortar type of schooling aka the “traditional” approach.

A lot of parents (including local artists and models) are now interested and curious on how homeschooling works. Well, I think that before we make any decision, it is best to equip ourselves with the right knowledge and information, especially with something as important as education.

This year, we are again given the opportunity to hear and listen to the “veterans” and experienced parents (and yes! the KIDS!) who courageously took the road less traveled: HOMESCHOOL. The theme for 2018; “On Fire!”  was inspired by the quote, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” It simply says we should not just feed our children information, but should be able to know and “ignite” the curiosity within them.

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Just some of the “veterans” when it comes to homeschooling

On September 22, Educating for Life and SMX Convention Center will be presentng the 2018 Philippine Homeschool Convention. The said event will start at 7AM and last until 6:30PM. Not only will they showcase the homeschool “teachers” (aka the parents), but also some of the wonderful kids who have already experienced the benefits of homeschooling. The convention will feature talks and breakout sessions and you can choose the topics you are interested in learning more about.

Here are some of the REASONS why these speakers chose this path and I think you should also consider these points when deciding whether or not homeschooling is for you:

  1. They want to know and focus on their kids’ PASSION. These parents want to be able to “ignite” the fire in their kids by giving importance on what truly matters to them.
  2. They want to SPEND MORE TIME with their children. Homeschooling gave these parents the opportunity to be present with their kids. It also gave them the chance to teach them and at the same time, learn from them.
  3. They want to give their kids the opportunity to learn BEYOND THE FOUR WALLS of a classroom. I believe most homeschoolers would agree that “the world is their playground”.
  4. They want to move (and learn) at their OWN PACE. We all know that most schools, especially traditional ones requires a student to follow the pace of the teacher. In homeschool, you can adjust your schedule and your lessons based on your ability to learn.
  5. Homeschooling gave them the chance to DISCOVER more about themselves and the world. Since they are not confined inside a classroom they get to discover their own personalities, talents and they are also given the chance to discover more about the world.

These are just some of the reasons why the speakers opted to homeschool their kids. For sure, the convention will give us more wisdom on why we should not be afraid to take a different path for our children’s education.

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Introduction by Sanne Unson, Co-founder of Educating for Life

Here are some of the speakers you can expect on that day (which should get you excited):

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Gina Guerrero-Roldan, Homeschooling Mother of Four
Charlotte Mason Advocate and Educator

Gina will have a breakout session called “How to Inject Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in Your Homeschool.” Being an advocate of the Charlotte Mason approach, I believe she is the best person to discuss this topic. Her husband, Reiner will also give a talk on “My Wife is Homeschooling! What Do I Do?” which will focus on the role of the husband in a homeschool set up. Interesting right? Because from what I know, homeschool = teamwork.

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Nove-ann Tan, Homeschooling Mom for Ten Years
Author of “I Homeschool: How to Homeschool Without Losing Your Mind” & “Happy Wife, Happy Life”

If there is one person I am looking forward to on this event (and you should too!), it has to be Nove. She has been homeschooling for 10 years  (can you believe that! a DECADE!) already and with multiple kids! Her book, I Homeschool is a must-read! I’ve been reading a few chapters already, and I must say it has everything you need to know on how to start your journey! Her topic, “Homeschooling 101: Beginning Homeschooling.” should give you an idea whether homeschooling is really for you and your family.

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Adrienne Lia Cua, Homeschooled since 5 years old
Founded Earth Crew Kids when she was 11 years old

The convention is not only for those who are new to homeschooling, but also for seasoned homeschoolers who want to get inspired and refresh their knowledge on how to be better in educating and molding their kids.

There will also be an EXPO where you can shop for materials and books which will help you on your journey to learning.

Get your TICKETS now! And mark September 22 on your calendar as a day of fun and learning with these amaaazing speakers/teachers!

On Fire! Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018

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