On Eavesdropping And Phone Calls: This Series of Radio Plays Tells The Filipino Pandemic Story

UP Broadway Company goes online with their first-ever radio drama festival, TAWAG: A Series of Online Radio Plays. The festival features six new original radio plays, each highlighting today’s societal issues amid the pandemic, ranging from mental health and sex work to LGBTQ+ rights.

Event Poster

The festival is for the benefit of UPLB Connectivity Assistance for Remote Students (UPLB CARES), an assistance program that aims to provide learning resources to students experiencing difficulties in the transition to remote learning. 


TAWAG begins on May 14, running a duo of plays each weekend until May 30. Catch Theraputa and Among Our Bubble on May 14-16; Kiss and A Half Of It and Unica Hija on May 21-23; and Pamamaalam and Late Na Late Na on May 28-30. Festival passes are also available for those who want to catch all six plays.

Tickets start at P150 and can be availed on www.ticket2me.net.