OMG This person organized every single scene from the Marvel movies in chronological order

Some people have been lucky enough to be able to rest during their downtime in quarantine. Others have been discovering new talents or hobbies, while others have been enjoying themselves catching up to movies and series. Three months inside is no joke, it’s a ton of time, and many of us are trying to get creative with filling it up.

Well, netizen @tonygoldmark on Twitter has dedicated their time in a totally different, dedicated, and creative way. After going through all the current Marvel Cinematic Universe films, they’ve broken down every scene and arranged them in complete chronological order throughout the MCU’s entire timeline. Yes, I mean all of them. Yes, I mean where every scene happens relative to other films. Like when Captain America: The First Avenger happens, it happens almost at the same time as the prologue of Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s amazing and absolutely wonderful.

Check out the thread below:

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