OMG: This guy shows what men really do during BNO’s!

Ladies, would you agree?! 😛

Our men need to have their own boy time just as much as we ladies do when we lounge in coffee shops, host Tita nights in a café or at home and even when we go shopping together!

Lance Cua shares on his Facebook page what he and his male friends do when their significant others aren’t around. The photos show a gathering where the men are being lectured on how to treat their women properly!

The post translates:
The wives and girlfriends don’t know that this is what goes on during an all boys’ outing. So next time, I hope you appreciate our efforts for hosting an outing – to be able to have a seminar on how to be a good husband/boyfriend.

Photo from Lance Cua

The rough translation of what’s written:

Don’t womanize.

Do not watch porn.

Always follow your wife/girlfriend.

One BNO = one date

Take it easy on liking photos!

What do you think of this? 😛 Let us know in the comments below!


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