OMG! This custom box is full of your fangirl merch needs!

Heart-eyes for all my fandom faves!

I am a huge fangirl, I have embraced that. And, being a huge fangirl, I love to have my fandom things close to me. Collectibles, shirts jewelry, all that stuff. But they’re almost impossible to find in any given mall. Truly, the life of a fangirl is difficult.

But a savior has arrived, crowned in light. After the devastation that Infinity War brought, my heart has been soothed by the arrival of items that can soothe the deepest of fandom burns. What the Box has come to my aid and brought some peace to my heart.

Check out my haul, y’all.

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Look at these beauties!

I’m a Captain America kinda girl. The films, the character, and those associated with him–you name it. When I received my mystery box, I’d specified that I loved Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, and Natasha Romanoff the most. With this information, they curated something that I couldn’t stop crying about.

I love everything. The shirt fits nicely and it’s like I have both Steve and Bucky just resting above my heart.

The little Cap doll fits in my pocket for when I need to feel brave, matching the necklace and the fidget spinner (spoiler: that one’s my favorite). The pouch is cute and functional and the little figurine is something I’m looking forward to making!

Some of my favorites:

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A pouch to put all my tears in

I love this one because Clint and Natasha look like they’re judging me. And they probably are because of how often I cry at how cute this pouch is! It also features an adorable T’Challa and half of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers himself.

I’ve transferred my essentials to this thing.

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This Captain America fidget spinner is undoubtedly a work of art. There are moments where I realize I haven’t put it down for minutes at a time.

Sometimes I just leave it spinning beside me or under the table when I’m feeling nervous. It does wonders! Makes me feel as strong as Cap himself.

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Of course, my girl Natasha. We can never forget her.

What the Box customizes different fandom boxes tailored to the characters you love! They’ve got a new fandom every month so there’s always something new to look forward to. So, for example, if you get one from the Avengers month and you love Tony Stark or Stephen Strange, you might be getting these goodies:

This is the contents of a box from their Game of Thrones-themed month! Look at all those super cute collectibles!

What the Box has lots of surprises in store! You can get a budget box at PHP 800, their regular box at PHP 1200, and a premium box at PHP 1500. Hurry! Some items are rarer than others!

This month is Sherlock month. Pretty perfect theme for a mystery box, don’t you think? 😉

If you’ve got a fandom you love, give them a follow and keep your eyes peeled! Maybe your fave is next!

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