OMG! This artist illustrated Filipino versions of fairytales and they’re beautiful!

Watch out, everyone! Our favorite fairytales are looking a little more familiar and we’re loving it!

Artist Squeegool on Facebook has drawn some beautiful renditions of popular fairytale characters and we are LIVING for it.

That Pinay Cinderella is totally on point. And we love Pinay Belle (Isabella, actually!

), too!

Pinay Rapunzel is also looking ADORABLE with Inay Gothel and Eugenio. So clever!

Cinderella is looking regal as ever next to her step-mother who almost resembles Doña Victorina.

Belle and the Beast are also looking amazing!


And let’s not forget the beauties from The Sleeping Beauty.

Absolutely beautiful art. <3 The page has even more, too! From Game of Thrones to Wicked to Steven Universe. We’re in love. More power to you, Squeegool! <3

Which one was your favorite? Let us know!