OMG! There’s leaked Avengers 4 promo art and we have so many QUESTIONS!

The wait feels longer and longer every day that passes by. Are we ever going to reach May of 2019 and see the sequel to what was the most painful event of 2018?

Well, at least we get these leaked glimpses and sneak peeks!

More promo art for the fourth installment of the Avengers films has surfaced and we have so many things we want to know!

Cap shaved off the beard? Did The Hulk lose weight (and how comfortable is that shirt, really)?

Black Widow’s got a braid? IS THAT HAWKEYE?

Check out the art and the tweet below:

So many QUESTIONS that I require answers to. Marvel, answer me. Please.

What do you think of the leaked promo art? Let us know!


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