OMG: Taylor Swift is back on Spotify!

This a huge moment in music: Taylor Swift is back on Spotify!

Taylor Swift

Swifties and fans of the 1989 album have some really good news to compensate for Taylor Swift’s 1-year hiatus, as the 27-year-old pop star has ended her boycott on the popular music streaming service.

Taylor has long been Spotify’s most outspoken critic, pulling out her entire catalog upon 1989’s release in 2014, claiming that the service “devalued artists” by essentially streaming their songs for free.

Yet three years since Taylor’s bold move, streaming has grown since, leading to more paid subscriptions worldwide.

Taylor’s reps said that the return to Spotify was meant to celebrate 1989 hitting 10 million sales worldwide.

“Taylor wants to thank her fans by making her entire back catalog available to all streaming services.”

However, skeptics find the timing of Taylor’s return to Spotify suspect, as noted rival Katy Perry released her new album “Witness” the exact moment. Critics have also lambasted Taylor in the past for boycotting Spotify yet choosing to release her catalog to Apple Music, a similar music streaming service.

What do you think of Taylor’s return to Spotify? Will you be listening?