OMG: Justin Bieber Noticed Kim Chiu On Instagram And She Had The Best Response!

In case you didn’t already know, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest music artists in the world. And we’re really fortunate that he’s coming to Manila ~very soon~ to give his Pinoy fans a chance to watch him in concert live.

He’s got a lot of Pinoy fans, of course, and that includes our local celebrities. One of them actually just fangirled so hard and she was basically just like the rest of us.

Earlier today, Justin had a live Instagram session and apparently, one of his viewers was our very own Kim Chiu.

Like the true Belieber that she is, she dropped a comment on his live video.

Then, the great Justin Bieber replied: “Chinita, I will see you in the Philippines.”

Kim Chiu was shook.

Watch how it all went down below:

If you think that’s great, the Chinita Princess’ reaction to it was just as glorious as Justin Bieber noticing her!

@chinitaprincess #KimChiu #BieberFever @justinbieber ????????????????????✨

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She is basically us if ever we get the chance to get noticed by JBiebs.

Kim seems to be super lucky when it comes to international fans noticing her on Instagram.

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Just a few months ago, Kim Kardashian also noticed her during a live video!

How does she do it?? Teach us, master!

What do you think of Kim Chiu’s reaction? Share it with us!

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