OMG: “Hook” Has an Unofficial Prequel About Rufio and You Can Watch it Here!

Bangarang Rufio Hook

Nineties kids fell in love with Hook, the film about an adult Peter Pan who forgot about his childhood. One of the popular characters there was Rufio, the leader of the next generation of Lost Boys. What makes Rufio special for us is that the actor who played the role, Dante Basco, is half Filipino. Now, years after Hook came out, Rufio has a back story in the short film Bangarang, and Basco is the executive producer!

Watch Bangarang, the unofficial Hook prequel below:

In the short film set before the events in Hook, Roofus, played by Sheaden Gabriel, deals with bullies and his move to foster care. He meets the school principal, played by Basco, who tells him, “You’re a dreamer. I had one thing going for me. I had me one thing that would keep me up when life was down. A single memory I held tight and kept close to my heart. A happy one. Something to believe in.”

The film was directed and co-written by Jonah Feingold, after Basco raised $68,790 (roughly P3,439,500) on Kickstarter to fund the film.

It was directly uploaded on YouTube, with over 14,000 views.

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