OMG! Disney Books Is Releasing a Philippine Mythology Novel Series

Filipino culture has always been embedded with so much mythology and legend. It’s about time that the whole world knows about them.

Disney Books, which also published Rick Riordan’s famed “Percy Jackson” book series, will reportedly be releasing a graphic novel series centered on Philippine mythology!

Filipina author and illustrator Tori Tadiar announced the amazing news on Twitter:

Tadiar reveals that the graphic novel series, Highsummer, will be set in a Filipiniana junior high school with a 12-year-old girl who wakes gods and ancient creatures from Philippine mythology.

The Filipina illustrator also shares a sneak peek of her original characters. Their school uniforms seem to have taken inspiration from traditional Filipino clothes such as the barong Tagalog and the Filipiniana.

Disney Books is set to publish three books for the series, starting in 2024.

We can’t wait till these novels hit our shelves!

Featured photo from Tori Tadiar

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