OMG! Bella Racelis Just Posted Joshua Garcia on Her Instagram

It’s been months since Joshua Garcia has been linked and rumored to be in a relationship with vlogger and social media personality Bella Racelis.

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Photos from Bella Racelis’ Instagram

While both have been pretty quiet about the real score between them, these rumors show no sign of slowing down.

Only a few days ago, Garcia and Racelis were spotted holding hands while walking in a mall.

And adding fuel to these speculations, Bella Racelis just posted photos of Joshua Garcia on her Instagram stories.

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Photo from Bella Racelis’ Instagram Stories

Racelis posted a short Boomerang-type clip and two photos of the actor with a simple birthday greeting.

Of course, this may just be a simple and straightforward birthday greeting, but fans also can’t ignore what these stories may imply.

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