Oktoberplex: PWR Live Bodyslams Their Way to the Spotlight

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) made a huge splash…er…bodyslam at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati with PWR Live: Oktoberplex.

Pre-Show Notes

Kapitan PWR and Trabajador Quatro shake hands

Trabajador Quatro, who was with the rest of the Council of Trabajadores, took on the equally mysterious Kapitan PWR. Quatro missed a top rope splash and gave Kapitan PWR the window to snatch the victory. After the match, the Council of Trabajadores punished Quatro for almost winning the match.

Vintendo lifts up McKata

McKata and Vintend0 had a rap battle where McKata started off and rapped against Vintend0. The Raging Gamer’s rebuttal was 2 high score chokeslams that planted McKata on the mat

The Apocalypse lifts Revo-Ranger

The Apocalypse vs. Revo-Ranger

The All Out War Champion overpowered the Revo-Ranger at the start of the match. Revo-Ranger fought back after sliding off the Death Bell attempt and connected with the Revo-Punch. The AOW champion won after he delivered the six-feet under stomp from the top rope.

Vlad lays out the Apocalypse

Vlad Sinnsyk attacked the Apocalypse with a cane after the match. Vlad grabbed the mic and said there are a lot of injustices in the PWR and Apocalypse being the AOW champ was one of them. Vlad told the Apocalypse that “Judgment exempts no one”.

SANDATA overpowers Mh4rckie

Mh4rckie (w/ Kh3Ndrick) vs. SANDATA

SANDATA was on fire at the start of the match. Kh3Ndrick inverted DDT’ed SANDATA while Mh4rkie distracted the referee. Mh4rkie caught SANDATA at the corner with his dreaded purple nurple attack. SANDATA fought back and unleashed his arsenal of dropkicks and hurracanranas. Mh4rkie managed to escape from SANDATA’s anklelock, but his fate was sealed after he received the Kidlat strike to the face. SANDATA pinned Mh4rcKie 1-2-3.

Team Sebastian

After the match, John Sebastian invited SANDATA to join Team Sebastian. SANDATA did not accept the invitation yet and left ringside. The rest of Team Sebastian entered ringside and they berated their opponents, Team Sy. Dax Xaviera of Team Sy went ringside to fight with Team Sebastian member, Peter Versoza.

Versoza tries to deliver the Petegree

Dax with the Balete Driver

Peter Versoza (w/ Rederick Mahaba and Ralph Imabayshi) vs. Dax Xaivera

“Sisig-Horray!” and “Sisig” chants were audible as Dax tried to get one up on the former PHX champion. Versoza, however, took early control of this match with his size and agility. Versoza used the numbers game as Mahaba and Imabayashi would attack Dax in the match. They were ejected by the referee after Imabayashi tried to deliver a Sonic Crusher. Xaivera dropped Versoza with the Balete Driver for the victory.

Vlad kicks Brad’s face 🙁

Brad Cruz vs. Vlad Sinnsyk

Vlad showed dominance against the Manila Bae, overpowering him from start to finish. While Brad got in a German Suplex and his Tito’s Elbow drop, Vlad beat him from pillar to post with suplexes and hard chops. The end saw Vlad delivering a powerful clothesline to get the 3-count.

Vlad tried to maul Brad Cruz after the match but The Apocalypse emerged at ringside to get some payback on Sinnsyk. He laid out Vlad with the God’s Mercy Face plant on the AOW belt.

All Canadian Classic Match: Billy Suede vs. Zayden Trudeau

“Beautiful” Billy Suede and Zayden Trudeau faced off in a match known as the “All Canadian Classic”. Suede attacked Zayden as the latter tried to go for a handshake. Trudeau fought back and Suede retreated to the outside when Trudeau was going for the springboard dropkick. Billy Suede wrest control of the match from the outside. The fight continued inside where Suede stopped Zayden’s comeback with a brutal back elbow. Trudeau surprised Suede with a rollup for 2

Trudeau delivered a beautiful crossbody block from the top rope and another dive on Suede outside the ring. Both men exchanged some enzugiris and strikes at each other in the ring. Suede captured Zayden with a Single Leg Crab. Zayden escaped and locked in a sharpshooter before Suede grabbed the ropes to break the hold. Billy Suede missed the Asai DDT on Trudeau, who rolled up Suede for the surprise victory.

PWR Roster and Fans Thank Billy Suede

Post-match, Suede got on the mic to tell them that this is his last match for now and thanked everyone in PWR. The PWR wrestlers surrounded the ringside area and sent him off with a “Thank you Billy” chant.

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