Oh my golly! Unlimited Beers & Cheese For Everybody!

Old Swiss Inn and Les Deux Belges, in partnership with WhenInManila.com, invite you to join our second Unlimited Belgian Beers buffet. For only P899, you get to enjoy a variety of high-quality Swiss cheese and delicious canapés, served with cold, refreshing authentic Belgian Beers.

Following the success of their first joint Beer x Cheese night held in October last year, Les Deux Belges will be featuring new additions to their authentic Belgian Beers selection. Have a peek at what’s in store, and start planning your drinking strategy.

Top Picks from Les Deux Belges’s Authentic Belgian Beers collection:

Light And Easy

Blanche De Bruxelles, a World Beer Awards winning witbier, will also be served ice cold to bid the summer heat goodbye. Its soft, light yet well-balanced taste is best paired with hard, tangy cheeses. This is one authentic representation of Belgium you don’t want to miss.

Indulge in the fresh flavors of summer with Les Deux Belges’s Newton beer, an authentic Belgian witbier infused with the sweetness and crispness of fresh green apples. Great for starters and for introducing beers to new enthusiasts.

Bold and Brave

Step into the wild side with Cuvee Des Trolls, a strong pale ale with tasty, playful, fruity notes that dance around your mouth. Having a glass of Cuvee Des Trolls and drinking to your heart’s content is the only type of “trolling” we highly recommend.

Fond of IPAs? Then you won’t want to miss Hopus. Don’t let its hazy golden color fool you. At 8.3%, our hoppiest beer will surely make you the happiest person in the room in no time. Pro Tip: There are 3 ways to drink Hopus. Ask us there and we’ll show you how.

Deep And Dark

If Winnie The Pooh graduated from Honey, we bet this will be his beer of choice. The Barbar Bok is a strong, dark ale brewed with dark honey. It has a thick, sweet, caramel flavor that takes over the recesses of your palate. Experiencing this beer is one for the books.

We like Bushes of all colors, but for this special night, we’ll be featuring the most requested Bush Ambree, a Belgian Strong Ale with an alcohol level of 12%. Nobody drank five Bush Ambrees straight and lived to tell the tale… in the Philippines, yet. Sparkling amber, thick, sweet with a slightly bitter aftertaste, having this authentic Belgian Beer is definitely a prelude to a fantastic weekend.

Join us in this truly one of a kind event. Book your table now by calling 818-8251 or e-mailing oldswissinn@yahoo.com. Jot it down on your calendar, drag your friends out of the office (cos Hey! It’s Fri-yay!), and start your weekend right by heading to Old Swiss Inn on April 20, 2018 at 7:30pm.

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