Oh My Chicken’s Taiwanese Chicken and Milk Tea is the New Combo You Should Be Trying

Words by Camille Geguera

Craving for some original Taiwanese chicken and milk tea? look no further! Oh My Chicken offers both in a student-friendly budget. It’s a new startup food chain located at Tondo, Manila which offers a wide variety of flavors for both teas and chicken. Inspired by Taiwanese street foods, you won’t have to travel all the way to Taipei to enjoy their authentic Taiwanese food.

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My personal favorite is the Oh My Chicken popcorn. They’re bite-sized chicken and perfect when you want a snack on-the-go! They’re deep fried to a right crisp yet it’s still juicy on the inside. They come in five different flavors: Original, ganmei, Chinese barbeque, szechuan spicy and honey mayo. If you’re looking for something different from your usual chicken, try szechuan spicy! If you’re craving for something sweet, their original recipe of honey mayo is a must try.

It complements the rich flavor of the chicken.

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If you’re looking for a larger cut of chicken, they also offer Oh My Chicken steak, leg, and wing! They’re also deep-fried which results to their signature crispy chicken. You may also have it seasoned with your preferred flavor although it is already quite tasty on its own. Their spicy honey mayo wing is the combination of all flavors that will surely leave you wanting more!

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Aside from their signature chicken, they also have teas. Their bestseller is the Black Sugar Green Milk Tea that is made from fresh tea leaves, imported from Taiwan. I like how it’s not too sweet and you can actually taste the tea. The pearls are also cooked to the right amount of chewy.

If you’re looking for something refreshing, their Fresh Kiwi Green Tea and special-made iced tea are both perfect for the hot weather. Their fresh kiwi green tea comes with kiwi bits which works perfectly with their fresh tea leaves and milk. Their special made iced tea is a perfect thirst quencher. They also launched their new mango sunshine series which is perfect for the tropical weather.

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Black Sugar Green Milk Tea

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Tea and chicken is the new combination that everyone should be digging. Another thing that I love about Oh My Chicken is that nothing goes over P148! Delicious, quality food for a low price? we’re totally here for it!


Food Hub, 1271-1277 Alvarado Extension, 
cor. Alquire St., Chiang Kai Shek College Gate 3

Manila, Philippines
Facebook: facebook.com/ohmychicken