Oh, Happy Soul – Pretty Products for Every Hippie at Heart

If you’re a beach-loving hippie-at-heart like I am, then Oh, Happy Soul is one brand that you need to check out.

I fell in love with Oh, Happy Soul the minute I visited their Instagram account and saw all of the bright colours of their mandalas and bags on it, reminiscent of the peace-loving 70s. See, I feel like bright colors instantly put me in a better mood. So, whenever I go to the beach, I always make it a point to surround myself with bright colours and prints.

The mandalas at Oh, Happy Soul prove to be the perfect companions to any type of trip – be it to the beach, to a park or even just a movie trip at home!


Their mandalas are made of 100% cotton and are handprinted with vegetable dyes to make them really eco-friendly. The best part is that they have so many designs and colours available, you can even go for a black and white one if colourful prints aren’t really your thing.


They even have queen-sized ones that you can place on your bed and use as a bedsheet!

Mandalas aside, Oh, Happy Soul also has some cool bags available. For those with a hippie heart, they have these hobo sling bags that are also made of 100% cotton:

Oh Happy Soul

This bag is perfect for people like me who have a laid-back kind of style. It sometimes gets in the way when I walk, though, so I wouldn’t recommend it for long travels. Also, make sure you don’t get it wet as the color will bleed onto your skin and your clothes when wet. I ruined a white shirt with it and walked around with a pink leg for a few hours.

If you’re just staying in the city, though, and will spend most of your time sitting in a dry state, this is a great bag to fit all of your stuff into – it’s hella roomy!

Now this Nerdy Dog drawstring bag – this one is perfect for traveling!

Oh Happy Soul

Since the bag is made of 100% polyester, it is water-resistant and thus keeps all of your things safe as you walk down the beach, sit on a boat or hike in the rain. Tried and tested! 🙂

Oh Happy Soul

The owners of Oh, Happy Soul – Juliana and Michelle – are best friends who dreamed to have a business that cater to millennials. Part of their goal is to make people happy with the products that they sell and to make people’s lives a little bit brighter. Well, I can say that they have definitely succeeded in that regard.

If you want to make someone happy or simply want to surround yourself with things that will make you happy, check out what Oh, Happy Soul has to offer. 🙂 It will definitely turn your soul into a happy one.

Oh, Happy Soul


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ohhappysoul

Instagram: @ohhappysoul

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