OFW Seeks Help to Get Back Home

A photo of an alleged OFW seeking help to get back home from Riyadh is making rounds online.

A friend of hers named Bernaldo Aggabao posted her photo along with the following caption.

Here it is:

OFW Seeks Help to Get Back Home

Rough translation:

This is Christine Aquelo now. She’s asking for help to get back home safely. She can no longer take what her boss is doing to her.

She is also in Riyadh like me. There’s nothing I can do but post her picture. Ma’am Margie, if you can see her photo please help her. When will we act on this, when there’s something bad that has already happened to her? Here’s our agency number 09198545126.

Let’s help her please.

To anyone who knows her or a certain Ma’am Margie mentioned in the caption, let’s help reach out to her and do something about this to avoid further danger.

Let’s spread this until it reaches proper authorities.