Oakroom Restaurant & Bar Brings you the Triple-8 Chinoy Buffet every Friday Night

Oakroom Restaurant and Bar’s Triple-8 Chinoy Buffet

When in Manila and you want to eat out on a Friday night, drop by at The Oakroom for their Triple-8 Chinoy Buffet.



Here’s a couple of shots to highlight the Oakroom’s wonderful interior

Located in Oakwood Premier, the Chinoy Buffet at Oakroom features a number of wonderful Chinese and Filipino dishes. This buffet happens every Friday night at the Oakroom from 6 PM to 10 PM. I had the chance to drop by at this wonderful buffet and I was pleasantly surprised as to what I found.

The Triple-8 Chinoy Buffet @ The Oakroom

Chicken Drumsticks with Chili


Chili Crabs


(From L to R) Beef w/ Brocoli, Beef Szechuan and Patatim


 Hainanese Rice and Chicken, along with their respective sauces

For 888+++ php, you are treated to a buffet that features some of your favorite Chinese and Filipino dishes. The Chinoy Buffet at the Oakroom Restaurant and Bar offers some favorite Chinese and Filipino food such as Chili Crabs, Tokwa’t Baboy, Beef with Broccoli and Hainanese Chicken.

The Soup and Carving Station


The Lovely Roast Duck


Don’t Forget about the Suckling Pig!

One highlight of this buffet would be the Soup and Carving Station.The Carving Station essentially has a Roast Duck and a Suckling Pig (Lechon) which highlight the Chinoy combination that this buffet is trying to pull off.

The Soup Station


The Soup station gives the diner a choice of either Chinese Noodle Soup or the Hainanese Soup. The station also gives them a selection of ingredients to add to their chosen soup such as noodles, chicken, and a few more. This author would like to confess that he went back here numerous occasions to get more Hainanese Soup since it was rather tasty.


The Dessert Section




The Oakroom’s Triple 8 Chinoy Buffet’s dessert showcases some of the top Filipino and Chinese dessert items. In here, you’ll see some favorite Filipino desserts such as Biko, Buko Pandan and Kutsinta. There are also wonderful selection of Chinese desserts like Tikoy and Dragonfruit. The buffet at the Oakroom also includes bottomless iced tea and green tea.

Have Some Coffee to Cap Off the Night

All in all, the Oakroom’s Triple 8 Chinoy was a nice mash up of two culinary styles. As a fan of both Filipino and Chinese Food, this buffet did a good job in making this an enjoyable dining night for me. So When in Manila and you’re looking to appease your appetite for some Filipino and Chinese cuisine on a Friday night, I’m pretty sure you’d like to drop by the Oakroom and try their Triple-8 Chinoy Buffet! Don’t miss your chance to try the Chinoy Buffet at the Oakroom, because this offer only lasts until February 1, 2013.This author would like to thank the staff and managing team of Oakroom for having us on one special Friday Night.

WIM Photos by: JoTan23


The Oakroom’s Triple-8 Chinoy Buffet Promo runs from Oct 26 to Feb 1, 2013.


Address: 6/F Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila. 17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Contact Nos.: 719-1160, 637-7888 and 910-8888 (ext. 8604)

Website: www.oakwood.com



Oakroom Restaurant & Bar Brings you the Triple-8 Chinoy Buffet every Friday Night


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