O! Kitchen: Serving Tasty and Affordable Korean Meals 

The Korean craze is trending more than ever here in the Philippines. While it started a few years ago, the fandom has been increasing and converting more and more people to like all things Korean—including Korean food! 

I mean, who wouldn’t? Their unique cuisine makes use of sweet and spicy flavors—two things people love—to elevate one’s dining experience. It’s the type of food you would want to eat during rainy days and cold weather.

Fortunately, cold days are upon us right now, making eating our favorite Korean food more enjoyable. If you think that Korean food is generally expensive, though, then you have it all wrong. We looked far and wide and discovered a stall in the North that proves you can eat tasty Korean meals at affordable prices. Check out O! Kitchen. 

O! Kitchen is a business venture owned by Paul Sia. His first branch is at Landmark, Trinoma Food Center and he strategically opened another one at the food court of Ayala Cloverleaf, a growing destination for people up North. They wanted to serve Korean food because they wanted to give the customers a unique choice among all of the establishments in the food hall. Though each of the stalls there are special in their own right, O! Kitchen steps up their game in many ways. 

For starters, the quality is superb. All of the food is made to order and they even have a glass wall, so that customers can see the dishes being cooked – a testament that they are transparent about their whole cooking process.  

The food itself is as delicious as it looks. You’ll fall in love with the cheese, the spiciness, and all of the other Korean flavors that will tickle your tastebuds. Take the Rabokki with Cheese, for example. It’s everyone’s favorite tteokbokki prepared in a spicy ramen bowl topped with a good amount of cheese—truly perfect for the rainy weather!  

Another thing that makes O! Kitchen distinct is that the plates that they use. They are actually authentic iron bowls that can retain the heat of the food, so you can enjoy eating your meal hot even as you bond with your friends for a prolonged period of time. 

Looks good, right? If you’re around the area, be sure to drop by and check out O! Kitchen! It’ll save you a lot of bucks while satisfying your Korean cravings. 

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O! Kitchen

3/F Food Choices, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, A. Bonifacio Street, Brgy. Balingasa, A. Bonifacio, Quezon City


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