NYSTESC: National Youth Science, Technology and Environment Summer Camp




National Youth Science, Technology and Environment Summer Camp 2012 (NYSTESC)


NYSTESC Venue: Malagos Garden Resort


NYSTESC Date: April 1-4, 2012


NYSTESC Theme: Operation Aquila: Illuminating the Code, Linking the Chains, Decrypting the Patterns


NYSTESC Participants: 1,000 High School Science Club Members and Advisers


Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs, Inc (PSYSC, Inc.)



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The National Youth Science, Technology and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC) is a four-day activity for high school science club members and their advisers from the different parts of the Philippines. The summer camp focuses on providing awareness about the fundamental concepts of applied physics, an unexplored field in the secondary education physics, alongside with the technological innovations brought about by the real life applications of these concepts. The subtopics to be presented are Physics of Light, Physics of Materials and Physics of Complexities. A special topic on solar energy as a renewable energy source shall also be included. Experts shall be invited to discuss and provide insights on the topics. There will also be multimedia presentations and a field trip, which will serve as a value-adding input to the participants, as well as a series of workshops and quiz competition to test and develop their knowledge and critical thinking.


The NYSTESC will also include fun-filled activities during the Entertainment Night, Socials Night, Food Festival and Quiz Bees that aim to create camaraderie and promote a healthy-competition among participants. These activities will be an opportunity to instill the values of teamwork, unity and friendship for the personal growth of the participants. In addition, a Pledge Night will be held in order to strengthen the participants’ commitment in the promotion of Science, Technology and Environment.





NYSTESC 2012 aims to present the fundamental concepts of Applied Physics which espouses the spirit of innovation and critical thinking, a view distinct from the Pure Physics, in gearing up the participants’ attitude towards technological advancement and inventiveness.


Specifically, it aims to:


1. Provide a thorough understanding of the concepts of Applied Physics and its multi-disciplinary fields.


2. Increase the awareness of the importance of Applied Physics in the present age.


3. Apply what was learned from the discussions through the conduct of workshops and to relate what was learned to its practical application.


4. Enhance the participants’ imagination and critical thinking by letting them see the limitless potential of the subject and encourage them to make use of these concepts in the future for the improvement of the society.


5. Promote interest among participants on the topics and encourage them to acquire further knowledge in these areas.


6. Provide a venue for the exchange of ideas and promotion of camaraderie among the participants.


7. Attract more science clubs to affiliate with the organization.





National Youth Science, Technology and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC)