Nurture Farmacy Joins Farm Tourism Industry

nurture wellness village and nurture farmacy farm tourism

For years, Nurture Wellness Village has been a well-known resort & spa in Tagaytay. A champion when it comes to relaxation, it offers cozy accommodations and wellness services that are ideal for anyone who wants to take a break from the busy city life. It also has a restaurant that promotes balanced diet by serving great food prepared from fresh organic ingredients.

Now, to further its efforts in promoting wellness and mindful living, Nurture Wellness Village’s very own Organic farm – Nurture Farmacy, is also taking part in farm tourism. Considered as a growing industry in the country, farm tourism allows individuals, families, and groups of friends to get closer to nature and learn what the food goes through from farm to table. Hence, it makes way for a memorable bonding activity that helps raise awareness at the same time.

Nurture Farmacy guests are taken to its very own farm called the Nurture Farmacy. Here, they see a wide array of vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants. Throughout the tour, they are given useful information on how these plants are grown as well as their practical uses and health benefits.

Through this, visitors are made aware of which plants or types of produce are good for certain organs of the body as well as how they are used to cure ailments. There is also a demo on some traditional practices involving medicinal plants. Visitors are taught about vermiculture, and fungiculture, too. They visit Nurture Farmacy’s own compost pits mushroom farm.

To mark its debut in the industry, Nurture Farmacy participated in the 4th Farm Tourism Conference and Farm Tourism Festival held at the Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay from July 14 to 16, 2016. Ms. Catherine B. Turvill, president of the Nurture Wellness Village and Nurture Farmacy, was one of the speakers during the said event. She talked about Health, Wellness and Medicinal Plants. Nurture Farmacy was also on the list of successful farms the conference attendees visited.

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