Nuevo Mundo Music Festival is Set to Raise the Bar!


Have you heard about the upcoming  Art, Camping and Music Festival this November 25, 2017?

This festival is one of a kind!  It’s party time from 3 pm to 3 am, featuring 4 Villages:

The Campsite – where you can see some Boho Tents and where you can put up your own standard sized tents. You can also share camping blankets with friends while playing the ukulele or guitar during the day.

The Food Park – where you will see a variety of food stalls. You can choose from your favorite local pica-picas to international dishes like shawarma, buffalo wings, etc.

The Art Ville – an art station where you can watch creative individuals doing their masterpieces LIVE!

And of course, the most exciting and very engaging Village is the El Magico Mundo – where you will enjoy activities such as an obstacle course, dunk tanks, mud/slime pool, archery etc..

We had a chance to sit down and talk with the festival organizers about the event:

Their President, former News Anchor/Professional Model/ Miss Globe International 2015, Toni Alyessa Hipolito,

Vice President Troy Hipolito,

and their Marketing Director Benik Angeles and co- founders

How did Nuevo Mundo Music Fest choose the Globe Circuit Events Ground Makati as its location?

“It chose us!,” said Troy Hipolito. “It’s a beautiful location for an intimate festival with pristine green grass, beside a river, and it has enough space to be occupied by our four Mini Villages.”

Was it important for Nuevo Mundo to include some local bands?

“For sure. I believe festivals should be a celebration of the regional culture and the local bands are the lifeblood of that community. It’s so exciting to shine a light on the guys that are living right here, so much talent amongst Silent Sanctuary, Brisom and Sud,” said Benik Angeles.

Who is your favorite act not to be missed?

“I’m not really familiar with concert scene since I am not an EDM fan. I have a different taste in music. It was my long term partner Bryann Foronda, a celebrity model, who loves this kind of music.  He influenced me to recognize the full worth of this genre and we both enjoyed it,” said Toni Hipolito. “I really love to see our local bands playing live with our local DJs, side by side with international artists that we are bringing here in Manila. I’m really curious to watch Sikdope and see his performance as our headliner for the event.”

Tell us about all the fun activities that you have prepared for this grand event:

“It’s endless yet amazing!,” exclaimed Creative Director Ej De Jesus. “Archery, obstacle course, giant ball pits, mud pool, dunk tank, giant beer pong, plus we another element to be announced soon during the event. We are also going to have boho tents for those who just want to chill during the day pre-concert. They can play with musical instruments such ukulele or guitar with their family and friends. It’s going to be a fun-filled day for families and friends.”

Do you plan to make this an annual festival?

“Without question,” said Benik. “I’ve been working for different big festivals here for years and now me, Ian Villalon (Logistics), and my best friend Troy, our Vice President, have been planning to do something different and brand it as our own. We want to outperform ourselves and give you something bigger and more awesome.”

Why do you think music festivals are important to the music industry?

“Well, it might sound naive but I don’t spend much time thinking about the music industry. It’s such a beast and it can have some really dark alleys. I try to focus on creating a culture within our organization that will celebrate the community, artists, healthy living and memories with friends and family. If we can accomplish that and it helps the industry in some way then that’s good, too, I guess,”  said Trevor Jaafar, (Marketing Consultant and Head Promoter) brother of Troy and Toni Hipolito.

With all those great acts and finely tuned details, there is no reason to miss this great Art, Camping and Music Festival! ONE day of music, engaging activities, 4 Villages, 3 Local Bands, (Brisom, SUD, Silent Sanctuary),  5 home grown DJs together with our favorite Emcees (Deuce, MVRXX, David Ardiente, Tom Taus, Ron Poe, MC Ronthug and MC Boo), plus international artists like Sikdope to headline the show, and more artists to be announced soon!

Ooopsss we’re still not talking about the stage design yet. Hold your horses, it’s gonna be awesome!

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