NudeAudio Move S Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Bring Your Music Anywhere

When in Manila, there is a way to enjoy music through Bluetooth connection with the new NudeAudio Move S Portable Speaker – 

Nude Audio Move S When in Manila

NudeAudio Move S Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless. We love the word, as much as the convenience it brings us. No more octopus wire connection and long cable wires that we bring and pack (especially when traveling). 

There are so many wireless speakers available in the market. When we say wireless, we always relate it to the word – portable. But reality is, we find it hard to buy a good portable speaker that is wireless, and produces good sound.  Most people I know buy speakers that have quirky designs without minding the sound quality, while others go for good quality speakers with robotesque design.

Here’s a new product from NudeAudio – a new company that is committed to producing good speakers with minimal design and serious sound: the Move S Portable Speaker.


Portable and handy. The NudeAudio Move S Portable Speaker will fit your pocket with its square shape and round edges. It is protected with silicon cover which allows you to handle it well, and at the same time prevents it from bumps and shock – allowing it to continuously play music. Neat and smooth. It looks like a toy to me, but with its playful color of mint green and gray, it is stylish. 

 The Power and Bluetooth buttons, as well as volume control are protected with a silicon cover. 

USB cable slot for charging


Simple, smooth and sleek


Thread handle convenient for hanging the speaker




NudeAudio Move S is packed with 3.o Bluetooth technology, which allows it to play music up to 10 meters. I find it perfect for taking your music with you to the shower, while keeping your gadget in your room.

Pairing the NudeAudio Move S  with your device – smartphone, tablet or laptop is more like an attraction between two people – all you need is a few seconds.  

1. Simply turn on your NudeAudio Move S speaker.

2. Activate your Bluetooth connectivity in your phone/smartphone/laptop.

3. Select NudeAudio Move S (the blue light will stop blinking once connected). 

4. Play your music and party!


The NudeAudio Move S produces good sound for a small speaker that it is. It produces good and clear sound compared to build-in speakers in your laptop and smartphones.  If you need something for your rock and roll music though, I recommend getting the NueAudio Move L which provides room-filling sound, rich bass, crisp tones starting at 100 Hz at 85 DB.


The NudeAudio Move S is perfect for parties in your car especially during long drives, or when hanging out with friends on a beach or out in the park. It can last up to 8 hours of continuous listening, and can be charged with any USB source. 

I love how portable it is, with its pocket-size shape and protective silicon cover that is smooth to handle.  

A perfect gift for your boyfriend, your favorite techie co-worker or your music-loving friend.


Where to Buy NudeAudio Move S Bluetooth Speaker?

NudeAudio Move S

Php 1,990


The NudeAudio Move S Portable Speaker is available at any Banana Telecom, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Electro Computer Data System, Globotel, iGig, iStudio, Microstation, Powerhub, Viewers Telecom, and 8Telcom stores.



  • NudeAudio Move S unit
  • USB connector
  • Manual

 Available Colors:  

White and Dark Gray, Red and Black

When in Manila, bring your music anywhere, without the  cables and wires with

NudeAudio Move S Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.



NudeAudio Move S Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Bring Your Music Anywhere


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