Nuat Thai Libis: Service Beyond Expectations, Relax Without Hesitations

When In Manila, and life stresses you out, have a break and visit a spa. If you are somewhere in Libis, make sure to drop by Nuat Thai Libis for you slice of comfort and relaxation. A Cebuano spa brand, it has spread from roots in Cebu to Metro Manila in such a way that it is impossible not to see a branch around. In my neighborhood, I have already seen two and so its easy to dismiss this one as yet another branch but do not let the looks deceive you. Nuat Thai Libis surprised me with such great facilities, excellent staff service and top of the class aromas. Join me as we explore this ultimate spa destination around.



Inside Nuat Thai Libis with its enticing aromas



Foot bath area of Nuat Thai Libis



Entering Nuat Thai Libis, you will be greeted with sweet smell of fragrances which is refreshing and relaxing but they have not started yet. The lighting and Asian themed dim rooms will surely relax your senses even before the actual massages can begin. We escorted to the foot bath room where our feet were lathered with an herbal soap mix not just to clean but to refresh.



 Nuat Thai’s Foot Massage Area



Aroma Oils, Foot Massage and Mood Lights at Nuat Thai



Good folks at Nuat Thai Libis treated us to a thirty-minute foot massage. You will pick between Green Tea, Lavender or Eucalyptus for your desired massage oil. I chose lavender. If you feel like doing something else, there is wi-fi connection available though I would doubt if you would even touch your phone or tabs since the foot massage is relaxing and is just the start. 



One shower area per room at Nuat Thai Libis



Heated herbal ball to soothe painful muscles



The best part is the one-hour aromatherapy that made my and soothe my aching muscles. A heated herbal ball is rolled around the back area to ease muscle tension with scents of essential oils filling the room. Such bliss! The therapist did well with a medium pressure massage. I slept through half the session and felt like sleeping after for it was relaxing and satisfying. For girls, they will be opening their nail spa service if you are not in the mood for a massage but wish to have those nice stylish nails.


When In Manila, and wishing to just relax, unwind and soothe those aching muscles, pay a visit to Nuat Thai Libis. Here, you will get a premium quality service you much deserve. If you are out from work late, no worries for they are open until 2am daily.



Nuat Thai Libis

2F 90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., 
Libis, Quezon City

Contact No. 477-5004



When In Manila photos by JoTan23, write-up by República Negrénse.



 Nuat Thai Libis: Service Beyond Expectations, Relax Without Hesitations

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