#NotSpecialNeeds: This Campaign Will Make You Question The Word “Special”

People tend to say that individuals with Down Syndrome have special needs and thus, they need to be treated differently. But if we really look at it, are these needs really that “special” or are they the same kind that everybody else needs?

In line with the celebration of World Syndrome Day, the organization Down Syndrome International has launched a campaign called #NotSpecialNeeds.

Under this, they also produced a video which aims to educate people on the special needs that people with Down syndrome have. And what are these special needs, you ask? None. Watch the clip below for more information.

This video tells us that, just like everybody else, a person with Down Syndrome has the same basic human needs. Instead of being treated as if they can’t do anything, what they really need is to be given the same opportunities, education, and nutrition. They want to be seen as people who can also contribute, communicate, and be a part of a community without any prejudice.

Yes, there are times that they may need a little bit of help and assistance, but that does not count as a special need, does it? Remember, even a little love goes a long way.

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