‘Not Just Learning, It’s Transformation’ — New Bold U Redefines Schooling

The New Bold U 2020, a talked-about revolutionary Life School, just recently concluded its latest run last February 1. A weeklong immersive program, New Bold U brought CEOs, thought leaders and changemakers under one roof for more than 30 classes and mastermind sessions in Asian Center, UP Diliman, Quezon City.  

New Bold U 2

Francis Kong, Jason Magbanua, Lance Tan, Steve Sy of GreatDeals and 20 other experts shared real-word wisdom and insights. 


After the event, the students are still engaged and motivated. What is notable is what they call “The NBU Effect”


Maria Villanueva, a 60-year old school administrator from Cavite said “It’s a unique learning experience with a very holistic approach. New Bold U crafted a very creative framework of learning combining the ingredients of a friendly people who will truly ignite the greatness in you”


A call center employee who’s now transitioning into becoming financial consultant said “New Bold U seeded change in me. I feel like I have a new identity. It is one of the best decisions I made. Here in New Bold U, you’ll learn a lot not just from the mentors/speakers but also from your classmates. Everyday is full of excitement and after class, you gained not only knowledge but friends.” 


Rizza Sebastian, the founder of Lana.ph, shared “ If you are someone who’s still not sure if you are good enough, if you are worthy enough, if you are capable enough, NBU SHOULD be on your checklist. This unconventional “university” allows and hones you to the best version of yourself, and you’ll definitely go out of the trainings feeling refreshed and pumped. As an entrepreneur, I learned so much.”


But not only did they learn new powerful ideas for work and entrepreneurship, some students were alleviated from depression.


Shirlie Alicante, an online entrepreneur shared, “When I attended NBU, I was suffering from depression and nearly suicidal tendencies. NBU allowed me to accept myself as a whole and showed me that I can be loved inspite of my mess. It made me realize that all pains and failures were actually part of our lives a wonder how a school can do that.


Founder, Ralph Layco shared what was the recipe of this one-of-a-kind school. “If we live in a perfect world, how will school look like? Our mission in New Bold U is to reimagine education where we get to not only equip the mind, we equip the soul and spirit as well.”


“Aristotle once said, ‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’ School should prepare us for the real world.
We shouldn’t only feed people of what to learn but how to use those information so we could integrate it into our lives and our work. It should teach us how to thrive, how to not only be successful but to be significant.”


“I think the ‘NBU effect; is largely because we affect our students with true genuine concern of their future, and the need for them to connect to their passions. If we give all a fighting chance to thrive, they flourish.”


Asked what the future of New Bold U is, Ralph said, “We want to impact 10,000 lives by 2025 and a million in 2030. This is what wakes us up in the morning, this is what drives us in the day. I want to see a future not feeling sad that we didn’t do enough to change mankind.



New Bold U is gearing up to another successful run this March 2020 headlining its “School for Parents” which will take place on March 27-28 at the Philippine Trade Training Center. Join Anthony Pangilinan, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Parenting Experts Maribel and Allan Dionisio, Michelle Lopez-Solon,  Nelly Dillera and Other Great Minds and Be Part of this Important Movement to Transform Parenting. For more information, visit www. https://newboldu.com/