Not All Food Parks Are The Same! This Food Park in the South Holds Job Fair

Food parks are in.

They are thriving because they offer an abundance of scrumptious food choices.

Yet, not all food parks are the same.

You may find a lot of food in most parks, but unlike at Container Turf, you may also find a job and be part of a budding food industry down south.

Recently, Container Turf held a job fair, especially for its tenants. In a way, this served as a matchmaking platform to find the best people for the food park.

To know more about it, check out the video below.

Other than the fact that we’re so excited for you to see the Turf. We’re so happy to see everyone in the community actively participating in our job fair. Thanks for the warm welcome!!

Container Turf will soon rise at the heart of one of the metro’s most iconic “food trip” destinations — Aguirre Street in BF homes. It’s going to be right next to Central where Laiya Grill used to be.

Excited for this? Stay tuned as we’ll post updates on, especially when it opens!

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