Nonito Donaire: Next to Pacquiao’s Throne?

In the boxing world, another fighter is garnering much heat and attention by putting up a 10 years unbeaten record and holding 4 belts. This fighter’s glory put him side by side Manny Pacquiao and is known as “The Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire, Jr. is he the next boxer to have Manny’s throne?



Nonito Donaire

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Who is Nonito?

To those not in the know, unlike majority of those who know Manny as he is more popular, Nonita Donaire is a Filipino American fighter born on November 16, 1982 which makes him relatively young in this current generation. He is currently a 4 division world champion and the reigning defending WBO and IBF Super Bantamweight Champion of the world. He is also the former WBC and WBO Bantamweight, Interim WBA Super Flyweight and IBF Flyweight Champion. He is known to have a fast and powerful switch-hitter style, having the unique and impressive flexibility to fighter either southpaw or orthodox. The Ring magazine organization ranked Nonito as the number four pound-for-pound boxer in the world.  

5 Reasons why Nonito may be Next to Manny’s Throne

Boxing fans still are mad crazy about Manny, watching his fights and awaiting his fight of the century against nemesis Floyd Mayweather, Jr. But as years go by and age becomes an issue, soon, another Filipino fighter may be the new center of attention. So let us take a look at 5 justifications why Nonito is the closest thing to Manny in the years to come.  

1. His undefeated for 10 years Donaire is really one hell of a fighter. His ring IQ, speed, power, and other skill sets make him a very formidable foe in the ring. He is the type of fighter that can take lots of punishments and cannot be beaten easily as he stands strong for over 10 years already holding and defending his championship belts. Nonito can really pack a punch and is not your typical happy-go-lucky fighter that fights just to earn a few bucks. He is there to win, dominate and to raise the Filipino flag just like Manny!

2. 4th best fighter in the world Nonito made his mark slowly by first beating the former IBF Flyweight champ in Vic Darchinyan last July 7, 2007. He was a 7-1 underdog then and using only a single clean punch in the fifth round, he knocked out cold Vic and took his belt. The Ring magazine saw Nonito’s prowess and awarded him “Knockout of the Year” and “Upset of the Year”. The glory was celebrated along with former President Gloria Arroyo awarding him on that year. Since that moment of glory, Nonito never looked back and earned his place in the record books to be the current 4th best boxer in the world. He is just in the beginning part of his journey and it is truly exciting to see where he will go!

3. His becoming popular Due to Manny’s recently loss of his title to fighter Timothy Bradley, Nonito was able to get his break to show off his talent and kind of say “You still have me, the Flash”. That even though Manny and the Philippine nation is down, he will be able to still carry on the flame of the Filipino fist. Nonito is truly a second pride of thePhilippinesthat makes him so much popular like Manny.

4. Similar roots as Pacquiao If comparison or similarities to Manny, Nonito has his shares of it. First of he grew up in the same place as Manny in General santos City, South Cotabato, and he also went to the same school as Manny as a kid. Manny started from nobody and slowly but surely punched his way to the record books, knocking almost all his opponents down. Nonito has a similar flow of story too.

5. Currently going for possibly same or more titles than Pacquaio Manny set a world record of having eight division titles at the same time. Nonito is not that far behind by currently having half of those by having four division world titles, and currently holds eight different championship belts.

Nonito’s momentum is on an all time high by having won 10 fights in a row and currently holds 29 wins with 18 knockouts! Nonito, like Manny, never loss via knockout too, so in terms of being like Manny and going for titles, he is very capable of being at par with him, or even outdoing Manny!   Bottom line is Nonito “the Flash” Donaire, Jr is still young and has a long way to go. He still has lots of opportunities to show his stuff in the ring. If ever Manny Pacquiao’s era of fame will end, the Philippines still has Donaire to carry on the Pride of Filipino boxers for years to come!  

 “The Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire, Jr



Nonito Donaire: Next to Pacquiao’s Throne?


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