There are No Permits for the Nickelodeon Theme Park in Coron Yet

Back in January, we wrote about the clarification that the Nickelodeon project in talks for Coron will be built on land after Gina Lopez, former Environment Secretary, stated that an underwater theme park would damage the corals on the island. This didn’t stop some people from still being angry about the whole thing, though. In fact, there is a campaign online against the whole theme park’s construction with hundreds of thousands of signatures already on it.

Despite all of the protests, though, it doesn’t look like the plans to build the theme park are letting up. Apparently, the theme park will be built with hopes of boosting tourism in the area. While sounding excited about the project early last week, the Department of Tourism has recently stated that they had no say in approving the theme park at all and that no permits have been submitted to build the theme park yet.


To me, that’s a good thing. See , the way I see it, tourists go to Coron because of how beautiful the islands are; there really is no need to build a theme park just to get more people to visit the place. Besides, we don’t know how this will impact the environment there as a whole. Why risk it?Do you think this theme park would be a good idea?