No More Excuses! Eat Healthy on the Go with Wok2Go: Fresh, Fast, and Fun!

Words by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna)

How’s the “get fit” resolution coming for you? Still sticking to your exercise routines? If yes, that’s great! But do you know the saying: “Abs are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen”? This just means that you could huff and puff and lift in the gym but without proper diet, you can kiss that #beachbod2017 goodbye!

I know, I know, eating healthy can be a buzzkill. I mean, burgers and fries! Sigh. Difficult choices must be made, but that choice just got a whole lot easier with Wok2Go!

Wok2Go_Opening[1]Funky and fun interiors–not at all intimidating for a girl who’s used to fast food! 

Located at the 2nd floor of Venice Grand Canal Mall, Wok2Go officially opened last January 28, 2017. Owned by Kim Garcia, Marc Soong, and Angie Mead King, it is the combination of their several common interests: cars, traveling, and cooking. How, you ask?

Well, following the third F in their restaurant slogan: Fresh. Fast. Fun., the restaurant’s cashier and kitchen area are made to look like a food truck! Complete with graffiti on the side and painted wheels! It even has a “windshield” by the door, along with “MANILA” and “TAGUIG” as the food truck’s route.

Wok2Go_Opening_5[1]The owners of Wok2Go (left to right): Kim Garcia, Angie Mead King, and Marc Soong

The restaurant’s interior mirrors its motto and target market–people on the go–by providing a long table with high chairs inside the restaurant. But if you want to enjoy the view and sit with your friends (like I did), they got that covered too, with picnic-like tables and chairs outside the restaurant. You can enjoy the view of the grand canal from there while eating their mouth-watering and tummy-filling food!

Speaking of the food…

Wok2Go_Opening_8[1]Wok2Go box and chopsticks–both biodegradable! Plus points for being environment friendly!

Staying true to its slogan, Wok2Go offers fresh ingredients, cooked fast (like, literally, under one minute!), and ordered by the customers in a fun way! A perfect alternative to our usual fast food joints!

Wok2Go_Opening_3[1]Chopped and cut fresh everyday

I had such a blast customizing my very own rice box by (1) choosing from different sauces ranging from local sauces like adobo and sinigang, and international sauces like gochujang, (2) choosing my add-ons, and (3) my preferred protein. But the best part was I got to see them get cooked right before my very eyes! (Well, behind a wall of protective glass, but you get the point.)

Wok2Go_Opening_6[1]The art of cooking in a wok–fast and nutritious! The aroma was mouth-watering! 

We tried their two best-sellers, the Sinigang and Teriyaki rice box, and let’s just say, there’s a reason why they’re the best-sellers! Truth be told, I was expecting a traditional tasting sinigang but I couldn’t be more wrong. They placed a delicious twist in the traditional sinigang that had me wanting more. There’s heat and spice dancing around my tongue, balanced by the crunch coming from the fresh vegetables.

Wok2Go_Opening_10[1]Sinigang rice box; sinigang sauce, red rice, pork, chili, bean sprouts and greens 

As amazing as the sinigang rice box was, I have to say that my favorite would be the teriyaki rice box. With its large juicy chunks of chicken strips, crunchy vegetables, and perfectly sweet sauce, it was just heavenly and filling. I had to come back for seconds…that’s how much I loved it. (Don’t judge me!)

Wok2Go_Opening_9[1]Teriyaki rice box: teriyaki sauce, white rice, chicken, bell pepper and sesame seeds

Just look at how full those boxes are! The prices range from 160 to 200 plus pesos, depending on what and how many add-ons you choose. Meat lover? You can double the protein! Vegetarian? They have mixed vegetables and tofu for you! And if you’re really in a hurry, you can just point to the photos of different rice boxes and you won’t even have to worry about choosing any ingredients!

Wok2Go_Opening_4[1](Points) I want that… and that… also that one. Thanks. 

With great food, great atmosphere, and friendly staff, this is definitely a restaurant I’d be going back to. The exciting thing is that they plan to expand and have at least two more branches this year (North people, here’s to hoping!) and deals with Food Panda and Kangaroo are in the works.

Fresh. Fast. Fun! What more could you possibly look for?


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